Young Living Highlights Use of Essential Oils in Home

Essential oils have steadily been gaining more usage in recent years as information about them has become more widely available. Though many individuals often use such oils for a variety of wellness benefits, some people are surprised to learn about their uses for many activities around the home. To shed light on this space, we’ve turned to one of the leaders in this field — Young Living. As one of the top providers of essential oils, the company is well-placed to provide information on the wide range of ways these products can be used in the home.

Company background

Before diving into the specifics on how these oils are used, let’s first take a look at Young Living as a company to better understand why it makes for a great source of information. The company got its informal start when D. Gary Young and Mary Young first developed their own farming and distribution operation. At the time, the couple had already discovered the profound benefits of essential oils but had become disappointed by the range of quality found in products by existing suppliers. This first foray into this space represented a way for them to ensure a quality source of these powerful products.

By the following year, the couple’s operation had grown into an official business venture. As the venture grew, the company developed additional land in Utah and Idaho, cultivating a range of herbs including peppermint, lavender, and melissa. This expansion in growing ability also provoked a need for an expansion in operational capacity. This led the company to build the  largest essential oil distillery in North America. Through those efforts, the company has become a global leader in its field. In addition to its headquarters in Lehi, Utah, the organization has offices around the world in locations in Japan, Australia, and Europe.

Why use oils at home

One of the reasons the use of oils in the home has been a growing area of interest for many individuals is because of a lack of trust in many traditional home products. To take the example of household cleaners, a variety of chemicals can be incorporated into these products that can be hazardous to people, pets, and belongings in the home. With some products containing ammonia and others containing bleach, the potential for mixing these two chemicals is ever-present if one does not exercise caution. Doing so can result in the release of dangerous chemicals which are very hazardous to humans and pets.

The danger posed by these cleaners has helped fuel a desire to move away from the use of many traditional household products. One of the areas that has drawn the interest of many in this search is the realm of essential oils. Since these oils are concentrated plant extracts, they stand in contrast to the manufactured household products used by many. These extracts often retain the smell and flavoring of the plants from which they are derived and are seen by many to have a range of uses in the home.

Natural cleaning

Rather than resort to the harsh chemicals mentioned above to clean sensitive areas of a home, like a kitchen, many consumers use essential oils as part of a more natural repertoire of cleaning supplies. These alternatives can be very effective and can leave the benefit of a more natural smell in the wake of their usage. Such products can be used for the cleaning of countertops, laundering clothes, refreshing linens, removing stains, and more. Young Living provides a line of many different oils formulated to be of use in the above actives, allowing us to draw information for this subject from the company itself.

One particular recommendation in this space is to use lavender oil for cleaning and other household tasks. This oil especially shines for household needs since its floral scent is a classic in many products such as perfumes, fresheners, soaps, and even beauty products. This ubiquity helps to make the oil one of the most popular products in this space and serves as an introduction to essential oils for many. Using it in a range of household activities can lend a clean and calming smell to a home while also helping to effectively tackle otherwise difficult chores.

Oils in cooking

Another key part of keeping up with any home is the cooking of meals for oneself and one’s family. While many people are quite familiar with the use of the typical list of spices and flavorings one might find in a kitchen, there is often less familiarity with the use of essential oils in culinary pursuits. It may even come as a surprise to some of our readers that essential oils can be used in this fashion to great effect.

A drop or two of many essential oils can lend foods a unique flavoring that can turn classic dishes into new favorites. Since essential oils often lend food a richer and brighter taste, they can also help bring out the existing flavors that might already be present in a particular meal. Lime and lemon essential oils make for a good jumping-off point here. They often pair well with fish dishes or anywhere one might using lime or lemon juice in their cooking. Peppermint oil can likewise be delicious when used with desserts or in hot chocolate. Care should be taken to not use too much oil when cooking in this fashion. Due to their concentrated nature, a drop or two is all that is usually needed to realize significant flavor enhancements.

While essential oils have been enjoying increased usage over the years as more and more people begin to understand their many benefits, that usage sometimes does not extend into general household usage. For this reason, information about how to use these products around the house can be beneficial in creating a more calming and joyful home environment. The above information from Young Living can serve as an initial resource in this pursuit for individuals who are unfamiliar with using essential oils in this way. Look for additional resources on this topic or from the company to better understand how to use these oils in your own life.

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