6 Social Media Platforms Your Business Should Explore

Numerous factors impact the network you employ in your business, and these include audience, industry, and brand. 

As a business owner, you should also consider exploring different social media platforms since they play diverse and important roles in your business. Every company should seek to understand the different platforms and how they can be used for your target audiences.

Here are the six best social media platforms your business should explore and why you should join them.

1. Twitter

Twitter has over 350 million total monthly users. These are individuals aged between 18 and 49 years. Twitter has a way of updating its customers, and it provides its audience with a steady flow of data and new content. Compared to Facebook, it does not have a similarly broad audience when it comes to business; however, it is a platform that is most accessed.

Twitter has a limit of 280 characters per tweet. This means that as a business owner and marketer, your tweet should be interesting, concise, and informative. If you write an interesting tweet, you stand a better chance of having people retweet it, and that tweet (and your brand) will reach more people. It is important to have a company page on Twitter if you plan to increase your brand awareness.

2. Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform that has over two billion users. Provided you have internet access, it is possible to find information about almost anyone, which means that the likelihood of each of your customers or prospective buyers having a Facebook account is 99%. This makes it the best platform for business.

Every business should create a Facebook page that will allow you to turn the clients into a community. On this page, you can share the basics of your business and any new services or deals that you plan to start offering.

As claimed by a Facebook marketing agency in Stafford, some of the things that work incredibly well on Facebook are questions, contests, videos, photos, and other short texts. Also, post updates to keep your followers informed. This platform also gives a chance to promote your new content, and this can increase your customer base.

3. YouTube

YouTube is a platform that tends to catch everything from comedy to music and business. Ensure you have a YouTube channel where you post some instructional videos, product reviews, and other kinds of content that promote your business. After you come up with a video, you can promote it on your other social network accounts. Optimize your YouTube account using TubeBuddy. If your clients need to learn, it is challenging to beat YouTube.

4. Instagram

This is among the newest social media platforms, and it has over one billion users. This makes it a perfect place for your company to promote their goods if their target audience are younger poeple, especially those aged under 30 years. 

The type of content that does exceptionally well on Instagram is short videos and photos with some catchy text. The good news is that this platform integrates with Twitter and Facebook; hence, you can use the same photos on multiple platforms.

If your company deals with fashion or other consumer goods, the chances of doing well on this platform are high since those industries have more access to visually appealing product photos they can post. Consider consulting a social networks agency that will assist you in overcoming any challenges that you might face.

5. LinkedIn

When it comes to professionalism, LinkedIn is the number one social platform. It is a thriving base for business owners and workers who connect and share on an expert level, making it very formal. This means that companies searching for other firms as clients may tend to do better than companies that are marketing their goods directly to the consumers. Influencers and decision-makers exist on LinkedIn, and if you have a brand and message them, you are likely to make another sale.

5. Pinterest

This is a platform that enables you to share visual content so that your clients can see it. Regardless of your business deals, you are likely to find a part of your niche here. It is among the best platforms where you promote your visual content, particularly if you maintain boards. Open a Pinterest account if you want to expand your brand awareness.


It is important to understand how each of the above-discussed platforms impacts your business. For instance, if you want a formal way, you may go for the LinkedIn platform. If you want to increase your customer base and enlarge your brand awareness, Twitter and Facebook may be the best platforms for you. Consider the above social media platforms and watch your sales grow gradually.