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Qualifications vs. Experience in Employees

Companies all over the world have different criteria for recruiting their employees. Some focus on experience more than the qualification of a candidate. However, in each recruitment process, the candidate must meet the company’s minimum requirement to qualify for an interview, for more on recruiting good employees, here you can find more items. As such, we will dive deep and understand why companies look for qualifications more than experience and vice versa.

Academic Qualifications

This is an essential aspect of any job seeker to have valid academic qualifications when applying for work. Educational qualification, especially a bachelor’s degree, is always the least recruitment requirement for employment opportunities. Academic knowledge will equip you with the thematic and theoretical education of dealing with issues at work and how specific procedures are done. The basis of educational qualification is to guide you on how to perform your duties well as stipulated in your employment contract. As an essential recruitment requirement, people who lack or have not qualified at any academic level will find it challenging to be considered in a job advert. It is also essential to understand that qualification is not enough and should be accompanied by some industrial attachment to ensure you grasp the academic concept well. Graduates who have done some industrial attachment have higher chances of getting employed than fresh graduates.

Work Experience

It is challenging to find someone who has gone through employment opportunities without having qualified academically. Graduates who have gone through the recruitment process and worked for some time stand higher chances of getting employed anywhere with ease. Such graduates have acquired the necessary experience in their first work and can be trusted to perform. Nowadays, employers focus primarily on the experience of the candidate rather than fresh graduates. Companies look for ready-to-workers to continue with the work and not start training and inducting recruits. Shalom Lamm is the founder of Operation Benjamin, and he focuses more on the experience of the person rather than the qualification when hiring staff for his company. An experienced employee is an asset that requires nurturing because of the knowledge he holds for a particular work.

What Should An Employer Consider Between Qualification and Experience?

From the discussion above, there is no clear-cut difference between employee qualification and experience because they are all vital in recruitment. However, people with experience stand a higher chance of getting employed faster than those with qualifications. This is because of the nature of the industry where employers look for people with good work experiences. Companies strive to cut costs that might come with training recruits that might burden the company. Experienced employees are ready to work and don’t require any form of training when they report to their new workstations. Shalom Lamm encourages companies to focus more on the experience of the person and not much on qualification. He adds that an experienced employee is a valuable asset to your company and should not be left to go at any cost. We can conclude that experience is the driving force towards hiring a skilled and successful employee.