6 Tips for Dressing Business Professional

6 Tips for Dressing Business Professional

When one thinks of business, one may think of money, power, and fame perhaps. But what do all of these have in common? A well-dressed man/woman that looks sharp from head to toe without any social taboo of “dressing weird.” Whether someone is the CEO of a company, an entry-level staff accountant, or even someone famous like Judge Napolitano, everyone is expected to dress in a certain manner for the roles they play in society. Below are six business tips for dressing business professionals as recommended by Judge Napolitano.

#1 Matching Belts and Shoes

This might seem a bit obvious, but there are several people in the business world that still break this cardinal. So, to set the record straight, this point needed to be said. To clear things up, if someone is to wear a black belt, then they must match it with a pair of black shoes. If the suit calls for a brown belt, then brown shoes are the way to go. Then buy leather mens messenger bags to carry your laptop and important business documents.

#2 Tying a Full Windsor Knot

There is more than one way to tie a tie. From a Half Windsor all the way up to the dreaded Eldredge knot, the possibilities are endless. In order to dress business professional though, one must make an effort not to underdo it, but not to overdo it as well. For that reason, a Full Windsor knot is perfect for the business world. Some people in business judge others for the type of tie they wear. Full Windsor is ideal because it shows time, effort, patience, and efficiency.

#3 Keeping a Well-Groomed Haircut

In business, everything is skepticism by either the client or the members of the firm. That being established, hair is a feature of people that does not go unnoticed. If one is bald, there is no need to worry about keeping a well-groomed haircut, but if one does have hair, it is in their best interest to make sure it is not scruffy, greasy, or in general all over the place. If one is to have long hair, it should be up in a bun (if male) or a bun or ponytail (if female).

#4 Keeping a Well-Groomed Beard

Similar to keeping an orderly set of hair, beards and facial hair altogether must be kept well-groomed. The most common form of facial hair in business nowadays is no facial hair at all. If one is to have facial hair though, it must be kept sharp and clean, especially when the person is client-facing.

#5 Keep Minimal Jewelry

Someone might like to be the type to wear five chains, ten rings, and two watches, but in business, less is more. All that will suffice to keep a professional look is a ring and a watch at most. But if you’re a fashionable one, then you may want to try this silver cuban link chain by https://www.statementcollective.com/collections/cuban-link-chains!

#6 Knowing When to Button or Unbutton

Most of us are used to wear suits or jackets like the Delta Sigma Theta leather jacket to look professional. For businesswomen, check out pakistani designer fashion suits for women. There are two rules to buttoning and unbuttoning that Judge Napolitano recommends. If sitting down, unbutton the suit jacket. If standing up, button the suit jacket.