Perhaps one of the hardest jobs in the world because a customer service agent deals with different kinds of people with different personalities, backgrounds, and temperaments. It is important to be able to stay calm amid the most intense issues. For customer service in Spanish, below are four things a support agent should never say to a customer;

  1. “You are wrong.”

Telling an angry or unhappy customer that they are wrong is about the worst thing to say. The customer is not likely to stay after hearing such words from a support representative. This means the support representative is questioning the customer’s judgment and perspective. Even if they are wrong, the language for customer service in Spain is to remain diplomatic and respectful. So you should rather explain that they have been doing and guide them on the right way to do things.

  • “I cannot help you with that.”

The reason the customer is talking to you in the first place is that they need a solution to a problem. If you tell them you cannot help, you will make the customer feel like they have wasted their time. So, always try to offer a form of assistance to the customer, and if one customer service agent cannot help, make sure the customer is referred to the agent in charge of such problems.

  • “That is our policy.”

This statement reeks of finality, and it is a way of telling a customer that their issue cannot be resolved. No customer wants to hear that they will have to deal with whatever they came to you to complain about. Customer service in Spanish is supposed to keep a conversation open until it is resolved. Customers don’t care about the company’s policy; give them a solution.

  • “Listen.”

A customer service representative should be the one listening rather than the customer. Telling a customer to listen to you sounds impatient and condescending and may not sit well with most customers. Do not impose your opinions on customers.