How to Make a Living While Doing What You Love While Breaking the Traditional Work Route of Getting a Corporate Job and Climbing the Ladder

Over time, many are encouraged to scale the corporate ladder to attain their life goals and dream jobs. However, more often than not, after getting to the peak of your profession along with a desirable income, you still end up fantasizing about breaking away to venture out on your own. 

Most Americans are familiar with this scenario, but there are others who have created a different path for themselves. One of these individuals, Alexis Schomer, has been solving problems, innovating, and acting as a true entrepreneur since her first startup in college. She is on a mission to show you how to break free from the traditional work route of getting a corporate job and climbing the ladder, a process that is likely to take decades and still leave you utterly disappointed, unless you follow her advice outlined below.

Discover How to Profit From Your Passion

Alexis Schomer is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems through innovation. She has proven that you don’t have to settle for a life of working in jobs that leave you tired, bored, and filled with wasted energy and passion. Here’s how she did it, and how you can too. 

Alexis built her first company while still in college. She treated her passion as a job and worked twice as hard as she ever had before. To succeed with this strategy, don’t make the mistake that many people have made by branching out to pursue their passion without first understanding they have turned into entrepreneurs and will be wearing many new hats that may not fit quite well in the beginning.

After starting multiple companies with little to no resources, Alexis developed a unique set of skills that set her apart from others in her space. Whichever route you decide to take, you will inevitably need to learn a new set of skills. The common misconception about breaking free from corporate cubicles is that you will have all the time in the world to enjoy it with little to no hard work. Alexis knows otherwise. 

She is an expert at being resourceful and getting results. You need to learn how to bring out more benefits from your new endeavors than you were getting while employed. It takes both hard and smart work to get there. Alexis has continuously found ways to make a living while doing what she loves while breaking the traditional work route. In fact, that is how she won the Emerging Business Award from the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Foundation.

Connect With The Right People

Keeping a network is tedious and time-consuming at times, but the advantages do more than explain why we need to put in the effort to stay in touch. Relationships are reciprocal. Alexis has become the woman entrepreneur she is today by helping people and doing so gladly, with no strings attached. She knows better than to burn bridges. By keeping her business relationships in good shape, she has been able to find support to pursue her dreams.

Connecting with the right people begins right where you are with what you have. If you don’t know people well, initiating conversations via social media is a clever way to start. Don’t put too much thought into it. Observe and identify people who love doing what you do, or who hold your dream job, or something close to it. Then don’t think about it too much, just ask for an opportunity to speak to them. This method of attracting attention for the right reasons is important as opportunities are not just the outcome of visibility, luck, or mentorship. On the other hand, keep a keen eye on your work habits, capabilities, and track record. If these are not exceptional, it is unlikely that you will get the rewards you are looking for. People who make money out of their talents or passion do their best to stay clear of mediocre performance. They know that they will reap what they sow, so if you want to get ahead, you must bring something extra to the table.

Adjust Yourself For Change

Begin thinking about the preparations you need to make in readiness for the change you are going to implement. Start preparing yourself psychologically, socially, and financially for the new course that you are going to give your life. You should also begin thinking about how to present your decision to break free from your close circle, whether that means family, friends, or colleagues. Change is not easy, so you should be well prepared for the social transformation that will come about when you take this decision and begin implementing it. Taking these steps will set you up for success, but entrepreneurship is still going to be tough at first. You might have to work for years for less money than you had anticipated, but one day the scales will start to tip in your favor, and that income will buy you the freedom you so much wish for. And even though you’ll work harder than you ever have in your life, as Alexis points out, you’ll be working for yourself. And then, you will know that you’ve really made it.