A New Online Magazine is Proposed

Singita Grumeti Reserves recently sponsored the Mara Press Club Fundraising event held last week in Musoma region.

The Tsh 4.5 million sponsorship was in aid of facilitating the fundraising event that brought together other journalist, stakeholders and investors within the region, in aid of the establishment of an online magazine for the region.

The event, officiated by Tarime District Commissioner, Mr Glorius Luoga, managed to raise Tsh 15.8 m from other stakeholders including Acacia Gold mine, CaTa  mining and Goldland Hotel  and Tours.

“I applaud your decision to implement the online magazine initiative which will certainly go a long way towards releasing positive stories about development in Mara Region” said Ms Angela Msechu, an official from SGR.  “We have always understood the important role that the media play in raising positive awareness of issues, essentially contributing to influencing positive mindsets in people” she said. “Singita Grumeti are very happy to support you with this and we know it will be for the benefit of the entire region”, Ms Msechu said. added. She said SGR  are committed to continue supporting local media in areas where they operate.

Meanwhile, DC Luoga commended Singita Grumeti Reserves for their support. He also urged the journalists to ensure that they adhere to professionalism and ethical reporting. “Mara region is home to the world reknown Serengeti National Park, and several boasts several natural resources amongst which is Gold”, DC Luoga said. “It is time journalists started reporting on all the good things that happen within Mara and begin to influence perception of the region”, he added.

 “We sincerely appreciate the support from Singita Grumeti Reserves and all other companies and stakeholders for their generous contribution” said Mr Jacob Mgini, Chairman of Mara Press Club.

 “We see SGR as our valuable partner and stakeholder to the region. I would like to ask them to continue with the same spirit “, Mr Mugini said.

This article was inspired by Dugnadseksperten, using concepts and ideas from their resource kåret av seerne til norges nasjonalord.