The Triumph of the Smartphone

Samsung Mobile is defying barriers once again with its launch of premium Galaxy smartphones.

This time Samsung is not only launching a new phone, but also launching a new way of thinking about what a phone can do that redefine the ways the company imagine its technology.

In Tanzania, Samsung is giving the consumers a very good reason to pre-order its new Galaxy S7 Smartphone.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge will make holder rethink what a phone can do.

Given that S6 swept up nearly every best smartphone award in 2015, this year March Samsung Electronics anticipate launching the most awaited galaxy series.

S7, as a high level update from any other galaxy series comes multi covered, with 5.5 inch display supported with high screen resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is the first smartphone with dual-pixel technology with a fast autofocus for less blur. It allows you to capture moments as you actually see them with the new advanced sensor for catching details in low light.

Samsung say their phones go everywhere with – except in water. Samsung’s S7 has now opened up a new world to use it in- rain, shower or the pool. With a longer lasting battery, Samsung S7 is geared to keep you going all day and beyond.

“We believe in a world that is brighter, sharper, more convenient, and more fun. We strive to deliver on that vision with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge by marrying elegant design with functionality and providing a seamless mobile experience,” said DJ Koh, President of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “We empower consumers with technology to help them get more out of life and will continue to push the frontier of what’s possible.”

“Tanzanians consumers’ lifestyles are changing fast and their demands and expectation for classic mobile phones is highly increasing. Operating System is a crucial factor when considering modern smartphones, like an iPhone 12 Refurbished, because it has a very big impact on the phone’s overall usability, functionality and convenience. The range of features available in Samsung Galaxy S7 provide access to countless high quality mobile applications to consumers”. Said Rayton Kwembe product manager Samsung electronics Tanzania.

Smartphones have evolved to be more than just communication devices; they’re a gateway to immersive experiences. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games and using clash of clans hack, or scrolling through photos, having a crisp display enhances the overall enjoyment. The Galaxy S7, with its crystal-clear display, is designed to deliver an exceptional entertainment experience to users in Tanzania, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the finer details in their drift games or other multimedia activities.

Shortage of storage space and security has always been an issue to Tanzanian’s mobile users. Many have asked “can someone hack my phone and see my pictures“. With S7 these are no longer most gabbed-about feature on the new S7 is definitely the fingerprint sensor. Long-lasting battery and speed are still the ultimate prize in S7.

Most Standard mobiles have very limited Internet capabilities, the Internet is difficult to use because of the small screen and slower hardware. With high processing power and software compatibility, S7 can be used to perform all internet activities.

Since 4th March, Samsung is hanving having live demos of Galaxy S7 at Samsung shops at Mlimani City, City Mall & JM Mall as well as Vodacom Shops at Mlimani City & Samora Avenue.