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American Hope Resources: 4 Things You Need To Know About Section 8 Housing Programs

For decades, the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program has been a life-saver for many Americans. It helps people pay a majority or all of their rent every single month. 

The program was made for low-income individuals and families. There are so many people struggling after the pandemic, trying to make ends meet and feed their families, and we feel that we must ensure that these struggling Americans understand every option available to them. 

To tell you more about Section 8 Housing, we talked to American Hope Resources. American Hope Resources strives to connect Hardship Victims across the world together and give them the resources to succeed. 

Let’s just start from the beginning; what is Section 8 Housing?

Simply put, the Section 8 Housing program, now known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program, is a program created by the government to help low-income Americans pay for their rent. They take a lot of things into consideration when determining eligibility. 

Income, family size, area, just about everything you can think of. Many Americans qualify for the program, but not nearly enough utilize it. 

If you had to choose four things that everyone should know about Section 8 Housing and the Voucher Program, what would they be?

That’s tough; there’s a lot that we at American Hope Resources want everyone to know. First of all, it doesn’t hurt to submit an application and find out if you qualify for even partial assistance. 

Secondly, the Voucher Program takes a lot into account when determining the money you’ll get each month. You get a say in where you live when you sign up for this program. It is similar to EBT, they give you the money, but you buy the food. 

Finally, I’d let everyone know that even though they are covering the cost of your rental, you still have responsibilities to uphold under the Voucher Program. 

Oh, so some people can even qualify for partial assistance? Is it worth going through the whole process, even for just a little money each month?

Even if you can get a fraction of your rent paid each month, it will put you in a much better position. It will make the difference between saving and living paycheck to paycheck. 

If you get assistance, and it allows you to put back even $100 extra a month, you will be in a much better spot than if you were going month to month without any savings. 

What are the requirements when the recipient chooses their rental? Can they pick anywhere they want?

Well, the rental has to fall within the amount of the voucher. The voucher will be enough for a medium-priced rental in the area the recipient lives. 

The place will need to be clean and determined to be worth the price by the Public Housing Association. They will also inspect to ensure that the rental property is safe to live in. 

You mentioned that the tenant will still have responsibilities. Even if the voucher covers the entirety of the rent each month?

The tenant may still need to pay for a security deposit and still have the same responsibilities as a regular tenant. They need to follow the terms of the lease. 

We at American Hope Resources suggest keeping the apartment clean, not damaging any property, and everything else stated in the lease. In return, the landlord will maintain safety regulations and standards set by the PHA and the law. 

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