How to Market NFT Rum

How to Market NFT Rum

NFTs are becoming more prevalent in the fashion industry, and some of the biggest names in sports are getting in on the digital trend. Colombia’s rum company, Dictador, is releasing limited edition 1976 vintage rum through NFT platform BlockBar. The bottles come in a crystal decanter by Lalique, and each will be set with a price tag of $25,000. Dov Falic and his team are excited to announce that they have partnered with Dictador Rum, a leading brand in the world of Rum. Due to the immense growth of the rum category, few producers make it to this age. This is why they are excited to present this exceptional Rum in a Lalique decanter.

The purchase allows the buyer to gain an insider perspective on the brand by giving them a private dinner with Hernan Parra, Master Blender. It also includes a stay at a luxury hotel in Colombia. These are limited-edition bottles of Lalique’s oldest rums, some of the oldest in history. They come with a personalized expositor and a signed sketch of the bottle by Marc Laminaux. With the help of the Parra family, the knowledge of a few generations could be turned into a one-of-a-kind liquid, which would be enclosed within a luxury crystal. With the help of BlockBar, dictador has planned to dedicate 10 of these to the NFT. This is the first project that will allow one to feel the brand’s power truly.

Located in Cartagena, South America, the Dictador Rum are produced using the most refined sugar. Vintage rums are rare, and while the market for luxury spirits has become more sophisticated, they remain costly. The ten bottles will be available for purchase on November 9, 2021. The NFT will be used to track the product and allow users to resell or transfer it to another party. In November, the company sold an ultra-rare 45-year-old vintage. It partnered with French artist Richard Orlinski to create a limited edition rum prize this year. For the project, Dictador rum 5 Decades, five annual vintages of Rum were encased in geometric gorilla bottles inspired by the artist’s work. In 2021, NFTs have taken over the world of fashion, music, and spirits.

In November, the company sold an ultra-rare 45-year-old vintage at auction. It partnered with French artist Richard Orlinski to create a limited-edition rum prize this year. The project, which is called Dictador Orlinski 5 Decades, pays homage to the artist’s work by enclosing five annual vintages in shimmering and bright geometric gorilla bottles. The bottles are paired with NFTs. Three of these will be sold on December 23 at a price of 11 ETH. While many companies have used NFTs to sell rare bottles and whole casks of goods, the intrinsic value of these objects is rare indeed. As an authentication method, the NFT will allow the holder to prove ownership of the bottle in the real world. BlockBar is the world’s premier NFT marketplace for wines and spirits. It connects consumers with the owners of luxury brands and allows them to exchange NFTs for unique physical products.