Boost Curb Appeal and Clientele

Curb appeal is a concept familiar in the real estate business, but what about commercial properties? An inviting appearance from the street attracts clientele to your business in much the same way curb appeal entices buyers to a home. Studies show that about 70 percent of first-time sales at new businesses can be attributed to good curb appeal.

Before investing in a commercial property, consider the following factors: design, building materials, cleanliness, safety, and landscaping. If you have an existing commercial property, let the following tips help you boost curb appeal and clientele.

Enhanced Landscaping

If your business is surrounded by grass, take steps to keep it green and trimmed. Overgrown grass, browning grass, and weeds scream neglect and will turn customers away. If your business property doesn’t have grass, artificial turf can provide a neat and attractive green space.

A professional landscaper can work magic outside your business with greenery from bushes, pops of color from flowers, rock gardens, and landscaping boulders.

Add Extra Lighting

Extra lighting is a good way to boost curb appeal and clientele, particularly if it remains open after dark. In addition to illuminating your brand, it promotes safety. Customers may be reluctant to stop and park in a space that isn’t well-lit. LED lighting gives companies a cost-effective way to use lighting to enhance their business’s functionality.

Create an element of style by installing a few new exterior light fixtures.

Maintain a Clean Professional Exterior

Stairs and walkways that are in ill repair look unprofessional and can also be a liability risk. You’ll attract more customers with a pristine-looking building and have a safer business. Keep the windows clean and have broken ones repaired. Keep in mind that a fresh coat of paint can dramatically improve the exterior of your business and is a simple improvement.

Updated Signage

Some business owners tend to put up their initial signs and then forget about them over the years. Good signage is very important for advertising your brand. Keep yours updated by using eye-catching colors and graphics. When your signage starts to show unsightly wear and tear, have it replaced. Make sure it has large letters that can be seen from a distance and reflect what your business has to offer.

Maintain Parking Lots and Sidewalks

Your parking lot and sidewalks are the first things potential customers see. Hire someone to keep yours clean and tidy by picking up trash and shoveling snow in winter. Make sure the sidewalks are free from ice. Call in the professionals when it’s time to repair holes and cracks.

If you’re still looking for a new business location, keep in mind that ample parking is a great way to boost curb appeal and clientele.

Spruce Up the Entrance

The front door to your business acts as a greeter. Make yours a friendly one with a freshly painted front door and a welcome mat if appropriate. Add seasonal decor such as fall wreaths, holiday lights, flags, and other patriotic decor. Just be sure to rotate your seasonal decorations. Leaving them up too long can be off-putting.