How To Run a Small Business Without Killing Yourself

The workplace can be stressful for various reasons, including office politics, customer complaints, product concerns, and more. Time can induce stress at any time.

There is such a thing as good stress. It can come from something as simple as small business grants. But all stress is not created equal.

Healthy Stress

Not all work stress is healthy stress, but some of it can be!

This type of stress can be just as widespread as its more well-known counterpart, which may surprise some people. The ability to channel difficult circumstances, experiences, or emotions into productive action to achieve one’s goals and contribute to the achievement of extraordinary achievements is referred to as “good stress.” It’s that feeling you get when you realize the impending deadline is getting closer. It is the stress that gets you into gear and drives productivity above what would be considered an average output for an individual. In these moments of peak, good stress, you may find that you are in a state of flow, which allows you to write, design, think, calculate, and develop a stream of consciousness. 

This flow state is typically difficult to accomplish without impending deadlines or the mechanics of stress, mostly alleviated by products such as CBD tinctures from Joy Organics. One can become an agent of change or an advocate for themselves by activating their creativity with the support of “positive stress.” All of these factors affect an individual’s capacity to accomplish their objectives and be successful. However, it’s important to remember that chronic or unhealthy stress can have negative effects, such as infertility. If you’re experiencing infertility, it may be helpful to visit a healthcare provider for guidance and support.

Environmental “Good Stress” Creation

Realizing objectives and goals can be difficult, whether you are in charge of a large organization or just your little startup team of one. The urge to accomplish those goals may be sparked, and momentum toward them may be built by creating an atmosphere of “positive stress.” Here is a strategy for creating this environment, as well as how doing so might help you make the most of the inertia you induce. 

It’s simple to avoid procrastination and maintain creative momentum by always having a deadline that is drawing near. Any deadline you set for yourself may make you feel less urgent because it will appear like something you must do in the future. It will be easier for you and your team to get started on the project right away, keep on track, and make steady progress toward the goal if you establish intermediate progress markers, or macro milestones, that are individually easier to manage than the intimidating whole. 

The old proverb holds true for the small business owner and manager as well as for anyone else: “This too shall pass.” Once you identify your stressors and triggers, it’s much easier to transform stress into motivation instead of ulcers or insomnia. A project that haunts you can be dealt with immediately, like a visit to the dentist, so you can have the pleasure of telling yourself, “Well, that’s over with!” And don’t forget the wonderful art of delegation. Farm out some of the things that raise your blood pressure, and then trust that your colleagues will do their best. If there are glitches, just consider them bumps in the road and keep going until you reach your destination. If travelers stopped every time, they hit a pothole they’d never get very far.