Business Sectors That Offer Virtual Services During the Pandemic

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The world has been rocked by the Coronavirus, which has spread to all parts, causing mass lockdowns and strict social distancing policies, and for many businesses, turning to virtual solutions has saved them from inevitable closure. Thanks to VoIP technology, we can enjoy a video call on the Internet and here are a few of the business sectors that use VoIP platforms to provide a service.

  • Telehealth – This is a new field that emerged in response to Covid-19, whereby the medical professional has a video call with their patient and in most cases, this is enough for the healthcare professional to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe suitable medication. You can visit for a virtual consultation.
  • Health & Fitness – Gyms, fitness centers and yoga studios have all gone virtual, at least until the pandemic is over. While you can enroll in a fitness class where the remotely located instructor invites you to a Zoom call, along with all the other participants, giving you audio and video communication with your instructor. If you can add a zoom teleprompter app this will actually help people more with the visibility. You can also communicate with the other students and the entire session is recorded and sent to your email address, so you can review as many times as you wish. A gym that wants to go virtual should make contact with an SEO agency, such as, who can configure the VoIP platform and help you find customers.
  • Mental Health Counselling – Many people are under extreme stress due to the pandemic and fortunately, there are online counsellors who are ready to help you deal with the situation. If you have yet to use Zoom, you can download the app online and install it on your laptop, then invite a few friends to do the same and you can call each other and become familiar with the app and its many features. Here is an article that links social media with mental health.
  • Legal Matters – The field of law has completely switched to virtual consultations, with lawyers using Zoom to have meetings with their clients, while documentation can be sent via email. If you are going through a divorce or separation, you can seek advice from a lawyer via a few video calls, indeed, there is no need to meet face-to-face, as the legal expert can represent you in all matters. If you are starting a business in Thailand, then you will need to get in touch with a Thailand BOI company attorney.
  • Business Consultants – While the business guru would normally sit down in a meeting room with the client, this can be achieved in a virtual environment. Such is the popularity of video conferencing, most business owners frequently use this service, which keeps them in touch. The consultancy sector has long made good use of video and will continue to do so after the pandemic, as it cuts out travelling time.

Virtual services are more popular than ever, largely due to the pandemic and those businesses that can incorporate virtual services have something to fall back on during these troubling times.