commercial law books and a gavel on desk in the library.

Importance of Understanding the Laws in America

Andrew Napolitano dedicated his life to the world of law in tremendous ways. The judge sat on the New Jersey Superior Court as the youngest life-tenured judge in history. Judge Napolitano served from 1987 to 1995. He is a graduate of Princeton, which is one of the most elite ivy league schools in the United States. The judge has also attended the University of Notre Dame law school. Napolitano has presided over more than 150 jury trials. Andrew has taught at four different law schools and is a distinguished visiting Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School. Napolitano teaches on the legal system in the United States as well as the U.S. Constitution Brooklyn Law School. At Auburn University, he teaches constitutional law to future economists. He is also known to be a Distinguished Scholar in Law and Jurisprudence. He taught at Delaware Law school for two years by teaching his knowledge on constitutional and jurisprudence law. He also taught at Seton Hall Law School for eleven years. After teaching law for all those years, he returned to private practicing law in 1995. He then began working in television within that same year. 

Since 1998 he has been known to be the Fox News’ Senior Judicial Analyst because of his knowledge and background within the legal system. Napolitano has been broadcasted daily on the Fox News Channel as well as the Fox Business Network. Outside of teaching the Judge is well known for reporting and watching the government as it deals with issues such as personal liberty, private property, and economic opportunity. Napolitano nationally lectures to the world about, The U.S. Constitution amongst these other issues: the rule of law, civil liberty in wartime, and human freedom. Amongst the many things Napolitano is known for he is also known to be an outstanding author. He has written nine books on the Constitution and two of which have made best sellers on The New York Times Best Seller. It’s safe to say that Napolitano has educated himself on the laws of the land and has influenced thousands of people.Napolitano has done his part in society by taking what he has learned and passing it on to the world. Napolitano is nationally known to be recognized as the champion of personal freedom.Because of him thousands of people know about the laws of the land and how it pertains to the people of the U.S. Constitution. 

Because you never know what could happen in today’s legal system, everyone should follow Andrew Napolitano’s lead of staying in touch and informed on what is taking place in our legal system today. No one looks into learning information about the legal system until they are backed into a corner, when in reality no one should wait until it’s too late to be informed on the laws of the land. The laws we have in today’s time are in place to keep order and structure in the world, without laws people would be disorganized and there would be no structure.