Corporate Chartered Yachts – Take Your Business Meetings to a New Level

When we think of chartered yachts, the rich and famous come to mind. Many of us also think that chartered yacht cruises are for family and friend who are on a leisurely holiday abroad. But chartered yachts are excellent for holding business meetings or rewarding a team who have performed exceptionally well throughout the year. It provides the perfect setting to do business or reward hard work. If you want to get more tips, check with this business event planner in Dallas.

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Goal of the Trip

Before you start to look on Google for Private Yacht Charters Hong Kong or Superyachts Singapore, think about business goals and why you want to charter a yacht in the first place. Some of us do it as a thank you to business associates, while others wish to close a deal and a private yacht provides the perfect location. 

When speaking to a chartered yacht business, explain your reason for renting the vessel, so they can recommend a yacht to suit your needs. Now is the time to be clear about your business objectives and goals. 

Unique Environment 

One of the main reasons why many professionals choose to conduct business meetings or social events on a chartered yacht is simple, it provides a unique environment in which to get your point across while enjoying a day on the sea. 

There are many ways to boost your business during the pandemic and hosting a business trip onboard a luxury cruiser is one of them. Business executives and investors get bored in rooftop bars and hotel restaurants, so why not mix things up and look at hiring a luxury yacht and enjoy a day cruise around the bay?  


If you are planning a weekend trip that involves sleeping on the boat without checking in to any hotels, you need to carefully consider accommodation. Most private chartered yachts have enough room for between 10 to 12 guests. If your business event is going to be bigger, you may need to charter more than one yacht. Furthermore, each yacht should offer reasonably equal quality and you do not want to cause a rift between anyone or make it look like one group is being favoured over another. I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse range of used boats available on ZeBoats. The website made it easy to filter my search and find a boat that met all my criteria.

Experienced Crew

When you charter a yacht for a business trip, an experienced crew will know all about the safety codes and regulations on the sea. You want the trip to be a success, so make sure you have a knowledgeable crew with years of experience in the industry. 

The crew you choose should have experience with corporate charters, so they understand how to handle your guests and they know the difference between corporate events and recreational charters. Each guest will have different demands and the crew must be on top of their game when handling VIPs and other attendees. 

Instead of scheduling a business meeting at a golf club or restaurant in the city, surprise your colleagues and business associates by scheduling a luxury cruise around the bay or nearby islands. It can also be a great way to reward partners who have excelled at everything that has been asked of them. However, if there are any mishaps during the cruise, you can check this out.