How David Schmidt, the CEO of LifeWave, Prioritizes Innovation

It’s not uncommon for CEOs to also be the founder of the company they head. This setup can provide a host of benefits for the business, including a deep familiarity with the products that it produces. However, complacency can sometimes develop when a company head has done so much heavy lifting in the early stages of a business. To contrast this, and provide a roadmap for prospective entrepreneurs, we’re summarizing work by David Schmidt, the CEO and founder of LifeWave. Seeing his approach to ongoing innovation at the health and wellness company can show others how to adopt such an attitude in their own endeavors.

Company origins

To see how the offerings from LifeWave have changed over the years, it can help to look at how they began. David Schmidt first founded the company in 2004 after a long career working in product development and business. His efforts in this space helped prepare him for setting out on his own as an entrepreneur. Those efforts included work to develop alternative means of synthesizing hydrogen and oxygen as well as designs for a bladeless turbine. These many efforts over the years helped him develop an eye for how inventions can be improved with time.

The work most pertinent to the CEO’s eventual company came from his time working with the U.S. Navy on its mini sub project. The Navy had asked the inventor to explore concepts for improving energy levels without the use of potentially harmful drugs. This prompt led the inventor to eventually look into the ways in which phototherapy could be used to improve energy levels and stamina by harnessing the body’s intrinsic processes. The idea proved so fruitful that it pushed the innovator to start his own company to create similar offerings that could be available to the public.

Original designs

That first product created by the company came to be known as an Energy Enhancer Patch. The patch utilizes the power of light to activate physical changes in the body at the cellular level. Upon the topical application of the patch to the user’s skin, certain wavelengths of light are then able to reflect back into the body. The original patch called for design and placement in such a way so as to affect energy levels, but over time additional patches reflecting other wavelengths of light proved effective for a number of other uses depending on what they were designed to do.

The Energy Enhancer Patch became a success, in part, due to its innovative concept and the manner in which it allowed users to tap into the natural rejuvenating power of their own bodies. Even top-tier athletes became interested in the potential uses of the patch, with the University of Stanford women’s swim team using the patches to achieve a number of personal bests for team members. The team went on to utilize the patches at its Olympic tryouts, which helped introduce the technology to a much broader audience via national media.

Improvement process

For many company heads, the success achieved by the Energy Enhancer Patch would have been enough, but David Schmidt has long understood the potential of the technology to go even further than its original use. With every new patch, each designed to affect certain changes within the body, David has made sure appropriate clinical studies have been conducted to back up whatever claim or claims are put forth.  These studies are conducted by leading scientists in their fields of chosen expertise to ensure outcomes that are well-regarded, with bigger, double blind, placebo-controlled studies able to withstand the scrutiny of peer-review.   These studies consistently trigger ideas for future product development, as researchers identify additional uses for the technology.

One way in which the CEO strives to ensure a process of continual innovation is to work with leading research scientists from around the world in the field of regenerative science. These scientists are hand-selected for their shown capacity to innovate and approach questions of health and wellness from novel points of view. By ensuring that his team is comprised of a diverse selection of respected clinicians, the company head is able to set his business up for the best chance of discovering something that can make a real difference in the lives of his customers.

X39 Patch

As an example of the above process in action, we’ve looked to the newest addition to the line of products offered by LifeWave — the X39 Patch, which recently earned an Allowance to Patent from the US Patent Office. The patch has been over ten years in the making, with a sizable portion of the company’s research efforts going to its development. One of the reasons it has been such a focus for the company is because of the patch’s now patented method of operation to activate stem cells.   As stem cells have become a topic of much excitement for scientists around the globe, the patch has become a project of intrigue for many established researchers.

Ultimately, the patch’s creation speaks to the continued legacy of innovation present at the company. After its long development process, the patch was recently released to much excitement amongst those familiar with the brand’s products. With an ability to activate stem cells and return them to a healthier, more youthful state, the patch has shown a capacity for combatting aging that has turned plenty of heads. Its application has been shown to improve brain cognition and the body metabolism as well as help users recover from wounds more quickly, improve skin appearance, and deepen the quality of their sleep. This has not only been shown through clinical studies on the patch, but also through testimonials from users themselves.

While there are many benefits that can be realized from a company’s founder serving as its CEO, it can be important for leaders in such a position to place emphasis on progressing past the original conception of their business. This can take many forms but a focus on innovating new products can be a defining trait of a business that emphasizes this view. The above work by David Schmidt, in his capacity as CEO and founder of LifeWave, is a helpful real-world example of this process in action. For further information on this topic, look for ongoing efforts from the innovator/entrepreneur and see how a similar mindset can be applied in your own business affairs.

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