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City & Suburban Leasing: A Commitment to Tenants Unlike Any Other

When one is looking for an apartment to rent in Manhattan, there are a number of factors and variables that one inevitably takes into account. The most critical, is the proximity of the building to the person’s place of work or office. Is there a subway or alternative means of transport available close to their apartment building? 

Similarly, if you are an undergraduate or graduate student, how close is your academic institution to the apartment that you desire to potentially reside in? One of the many positive and appealing attributes of City & Suburban Leasing is the amount of available apartments the company has for leasing to prospective tenants in areas that fulfill these criteria in a truly meaningful way. 

For example, the building owners that the company leases for have properties on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that are a mere few blocks away from the 4,5 or 6 trains. This provides tenants with tremendous relief when it  comes to their daily commute to work. Beyond that, it  also provides them the opportunity to go out of the city for recreational and leisure activities whenever they would like to. The same level of convenience is afforded to tenants in buildings the leasing office rents out on the West Side. Besides for all being in safe and secure areas, these buildings are also conveniently located near public transport that tenants are able to use with a great deal of efficiency and convenience. If you’re looking for properties to rent in canary wharf, we can help you find a convenient and secure location just like these.

But for the company’s tenants, the beauty of the City and Suburban experience extends well beyond the tremendously convenient locations of the buildings’ owners’ portfolio of buildings. The leasing company treats its tenants like family. The superintendents in all of the buildings are polite, respectful and always eager to lend a helping hand no matter how challenging the issue might be, facing the tenant. Similarly, the City & Suburban Leasing office is staffed with individuals who are constantly seeking to accommodate tenants and residents with their requests, and ensuring their experience living in their buildings is as positive as humanly possible. 

It’s that type of customer service that truly sets the company apart from its competitors; and current and past tenants will gladly attest to that. In fact, it’s a common practice for tenants living in buildings that are leased by City and Suburban to even leave notes after their leases are up, expressing gratitude to the company and its staff for facilitating the pleasant experience they had while living in one of the many buildings that the company leases. This is further evidence of the type of quality treatment that the company’s staff provides its tenants. No matter the time of day, or the nature of the issue, they are always there to lend a guiding and helping hand. As a recent longtime tenant wrote in a letter she sent to the company’s Manhattan office, “You go above and beyond what’s required of you. I don’t know what compels you to be so kind and generous to your residents; but whatever it  may be, thank you. You truly made my experience living in NYC as enjoyable as I could have ever imagined it would have been. I have never had as pleasant an experience with a leasing office as I had with your company.”

So beyond the incredibly high quality properties the company leases out, that are all located in very desirable areas throughout Manhattan, what sets City & Suburban apart from other leasing companies in NYC is the company’s commitment to ensuring all tenants have the most desirable experience possible. It’s no wonder that the company continues serving as one of the most in-demand property leasing companies in NYC. Its rates are competitive and affordable; its staff is professional and incredibly accommodating; and the locations of the buildings it  leases for are nothing short of remarkable.