Find Chicago’s #1 Digital Marketing Agency with the Most Inspiring Stories: Revenue Ascend

Digital marketing has become increasingly crucial for businesses in our current digital era. It has the power to level the online playing field for businesses, and in most cases, it’s a matter of survival for small to midsize businesses. Consequently, many digital marketing agencies have come up with every solution imaginable for online marketing. So, what sets one agency apart from another?

Revenue Ascend is a digital marketing agency founded by Jonathan Tuttle. Its strategy is based on powerful lead generation and conversion systems, intent-based branding, marketing automation, and digital follow-up. The company prides itself on having exemplary and dynamic call tracking, detailed analytics, and unmatched client support. Just recently, Revenue Ascend was selected as one of the most inspiring success stories by Chicago Voyage Magazine. This article discusses what makes Revenue Ascend such a fantastic agency that is setting trends nationally.

1. Turnkey Solutions

Revenue Ascend helps small to mid-sized businesses grow with effective digital advertising. They provide complete solutions, which include: Facebook & retargeting advertising, Google ads and custom-built websites. Based on the marketing audit of your business, Revenue Ascend advises the client accordingly and initiates the implementation process to help businesses get on track with their digital marketing strategy. Their solutions have helped numerous local and national businesses thrive.

2. Technical Capacity

Revenue Ascend uses cutting edge technology to support their digital marketing strategy. Their branding and marketing automation premises on technology platforms that include versatile tools and digital marketing channels that define customer experiences in a new way, allowing their clients to obtain greater market share. Their success is the reason that leading businesses and industry leaders have entrusted them with developing and expanding their businesses and revenue. Revenue Ascend’s team of tech-savvy experts is always improving on all aspects of the business, incorporating client feedback to drive brand and revenue growth.

3. Strategies Meant For You

Revenue Ascend prioritizes its customers’ needs. They focus on individualized customer digital marketing strategies that get transformative results for your business. Unlike other agencies, Revenue Ascend offers a free digital marketing strategy session with actionable tips based on your current needs, which you can implement even if you decide not to move forward with them. Revenue Ascend goes over and above to ensure a customized marketing plan for you and your business with a personalized approach. They set you up to produce results that are driven by factual data that allows you to track the return on investment for your marketing dollar.  

4. Results Driven

Digital marketing helps businesses predictable growth by delivering new customers and increased measurable revenue. According to statistics, most buying decisions begin and end on digital platforms like social media and online searches. This statistic goes to show just how much influence online marketing has on brand reputation and revenue growth. Revenue Ascend helps your brand become the leading authority in your market and makes it possible for potential consumers to know, like and trust you. Revenue Ascend serves and is trusted by discerning local businesses along with national brands. They have been able to scale businesses through its innovative and proven solutions. 

The Bottom Line

Revenue Ascend is devoted to your business growth. They make an ethical decision to work with only one client per industry in any given geographical area. Unlike other digital marketing agencies that focus on having clients compete against each other by taking on every competing client, Revenue Ascend focuses on working with one client and making them number one in their market. It is a fact that an in-depth and detailed approach to laying out your digital marketing strategy can reveal new opportunities and expand your business reach. Revenue Ascend will generate expanded revenue growth for your business by developing a customized digital advertising and battle-tested plan. Partnering with Revenue Ascend will help your business dominate your local market with its custom proven solutions. Connect with Revenue Ascend today to learn how to grow your business through digital marketing.