Robinson Financial Group: Illinois’ Leading Life Insurance Advisory

The team at Robinson Financial Group are experienced insurance professionals who specialize in estate planning, health insurance, and many other corporate and personal financial services. All of these services are meant to ensure that the client’s families, business and employees are taken care of, and ensured the best future possible. 

Over its decades of experience, the firm has been privileged to serve some of the state and nation’s leading institutions and most well-respected businesses, with sage and intelligent advice about how to manage their financial futures. The firm has been an especially leading choice for many when it comes to life insurance portfolio management.  Learn more by checking this post on how You can get cheap rates on life insurance over age 65 here.

When it comes to life insurance, policyholders have choices in policy design that can enhance their policy’s performance and offer protection guarantees as well. Robinson Financial Group will evaluate your existing policies for suitability to ensure that they are operating consistently with the goals policyholders had when they initially bought them. The advisory firm also goes through a methodical and thorough process of comparing existing policies at that may exist, to determine whether there are more efficient ways to achieve the client’s goals. 

The overall calculus that the qualified team at Robinson Financial Group focuses on is combining the aforementioned big picture issues with all the details driving the value of life insurance. The family and business capital held in policies – in relation to the client’s wealth transfer, wealth management, corporate benefits, and business transition planning. But most importantly, Robinson Financial Group provides unparalleled care, precision and compassion in the way it manages this important decision-making process for its clients. 

The company is a third generation, family-owned and operated business that represents a rich history and a strong commitment to keeping the promises it  has made to families and businesses many years ago. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a lot of talk about whether there are opportunities that may exist for policyholders looking to reassess their current life insurance portfolios based on changes in economic conditions that have inevitably affected them. The principals at Robinson Financial Group, Elliott Robinson and Allan Kaplan, have been consistently called upon by members of the media to provide thoughtful commentary and expertise on this very subject. 

In an interview with Authority Magazine toward the start of this pandemic, Elliott Robinson discussed the importance of evaluating the strength of a policy based on a myriad of factors – including but not limited to whether it can withstand a pandemic. In May of this year, Allan Kaplan appeared on Fox News Radio to provide a compelling case for why the Coronavirus pandemic and its ensuing economic fallout provides an opportune moment for many policyholders to readjust and reassess their life insurance packages. 

The company’s principals will continue being sought after for their thoughtful commentary on this incredibly important subject in digital, print and broadcast media. We urge our readers who may have questions about their own life insurance policies to reach out to The Robinson Financial Group. Their website is