Do Real Debt Solutions Really Exist?

The debt situation in the United States is staggering. Today, all the living generations in the U.S. are in debt, according to The Motley Fool. It seems that no one is immune to debt and recent data from Comet reveals that 81.5% of millennials are in debt compared to the baby boomers who are pegged at 80.9%. Furthermore, 79.9% of the Gen Zs — as shocking as this may sound — have immersed themselves into debt, too.

The debt level in the United States has risen in recent years, making the veracity of these figures all too clear. You may be wondering if real debt solutions exist. After all, if people are able to get out of debt, then what is stopping them?

Policy-makers have sought to promulgate strategies; several financial institutions have also tried their hands on possible solutions. However, nothing seems to be working. Why is that?

One irrefutable fact about being in debt is this — it keeps you away from living your best life. It also keeps you away from reaching your goals as you tend to focus too much of your energy on money matters, paying your debts, and possibly borrowing more debt in the process, and that’s why sometimes is better to try debt consolidation which you can learn about from sites like

Today, the American economy is in a great position. And as one would expect that there should be lower debts accrued by Americans as a result. The world we live in, however, is far from being that, thoug. Consequently, Americans presently owe more than 1 trillion dollars in credit card debt.

The solution to this is quite simple: borrow less and live within your means. But, it isn’t always that easy and straightforward. Some economic policies may not favor all Americans, and not everyone has the same means. In the end, people need to find the solution that suits them the best.

Yes, everybody wants to live the American dream. But, living in debt is never part of the American dream, even if the current trends suggest that Americans and debt are almost inseparable. So, to live that American dream you’ve always had, you need to get rid of debt. From there, you can start looking at your best options of achieving the American dream and living your best life.

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