A New Form Of Uber Has Arrived And It’s Taking Us Further Than Ever Before

The phenomenon of the sharing economy has created opportunities for business growth that we never saw coming. The rise of Uber, Airbnb, Bird, and other services is quite unique to our time and incredibly relevant to the new age of sharing. Thanks to social media, we have become professional sharers, putting our personal lives out on display for all to see. We share our homes, our vehicles, and the most significant moments in our lives. We have even created an economy for sharing, creating a continuous loop of value and benefit to both the sellers and users of these shared services. The sharing economy is one of the most innovative models of our time and its mutual benefit inspires more innovators to recreate and redefine everything that we do.

Sharing Is Caring In the Consumer-Centric Market

With an application like Uber, individuals quickly found a better way of getting around. World travelers, commuters, and daily adventurers, alike began to enjoy the new age convenience of transportation, finding a local driver at the touch of the button and at a fixed price displayed on screen. The application is becoming even more shareable and consumer-centric, providing options for shared rides to reduce costs as well. But while Uber allows us to travel to many new places, it does not allow us to travel to new cultures quite yet. This is where Langogo comes in.

New Conversations With New Cultures

Langogo, http://bit.ly/2P6kq8E is a software translation company that connects users to up to sixty different languages. Providing the world’s very first pocket translator, the company is reaching new terrain in the sharing economy. On a mission to enhance communications and make accessibility worldwide, Langogo’s products will be available to use and return in a variety of convenient locations. Checking into a hotel, at the airport, or out and about, communicators will soon be able to access a whole new world of language and share conversations like never before.

Consumers Are Speaking The Same Language

In just one second, and at the touch of a button, users are able to go further and connect with new cultures more deeply. With enhanced voice recognition, the handheld device understands and synthesizes languages and empowers travelers to start conversations with many different people. The device transcends technology, becoming a personal tour guide and travel expert as well. Langogo’s AI expert, Euri is the perfect companion and is always there to provide directions, weather reports, exchange rates and other information to become truly immersed in the culture. Combining Cloud-Sim technology and global built-in Internet, Langogo is always on the go, with greater battery life and Wifi-access to fuel you wherever you may go. It is intelligent, it is transformative, and it is changing the travel experience as we know it.

The company is a testament to the sharing economy, and the many ways we may begin to enhance each other’s lives if we only take a moment to connect and share the deeper parts of ourselves.