Equal Distribution of Power

Having power is something that many individuals crave and seek after. Power is a way to dominate and control certain groups of individuals all over the world. For many, many years now, power has been the only way that certain individuals are able to gain leadership and have some sort of control over people who do not have as much power as they have. Having too much power can definitely be a negative aspect because this means that a certain individual has too much control over a certain group or another individual. Judge Napolitano states that there should not be too much power given to an individual in a government setting.


1.) The government is a group of people who control citizens. They are in charge of creating laws that help society and citizens in general. If an individual in the government setting has too much power, this can cause many problems in the future. To start, a huge problem that can arise if this happens is that this certain individual with too much power can start harming society and citizens. If certain laws are passed due to this individual, citizens can start to lose their jobs, not live a healthy lifestyle and become overwhelmed and stressed out. It is always the government’s responsibility to ensure that society and citizens are living their best life possible and have enough resources and opportunities to reach success. A great example of this would be the Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana List. Under this scheme, all the small and marginal farmers of the country having cultivable land up to 2 hectares are being provided financial assistance by the central government.

2.) If there is an individual who has too much power in the government, they can slowly start to attack groups of people in society. It is important that there is equal distribution of power throughout the government so that each and every leader can have a say when certain laws are passed or vetoed. The more opinions and the more leaders that the government has, the more likely that every citizen in society will be able to have a chance to have equal opportunities and resources that other citizens may be born with. This is especially important for citizens who are minorities and who are people of color. This is why it is also highly important that the government makes sure that there is a wide variety of different races and ethnicities as leaders in the government. Making sure this is happening, will help society turn into a better place because it will help ensure that all of the citizens are being heard and taken care of properly.

Judge Napolitano states that having too much power may seem like a fun thing to have, but in reality it can cause a lot of trouble and it can have many negative aspects to it. It is never fun to have too many problems associated with having too much power. It is important to keep each and everyone accountable and see that every leader in the government is making sure that you’re working towards the same goal.