Night Shifts at the Hospital

Working the night shift at a hospital can be tiring and taxing. A person will need to adjust their entire schedule to make sure they are prepared for work. They will need to change their sleeping habits and the time that they spend interacting with friends and family. While it is a big change and not always easy, Dr. Cory Harow feels that it is worth it. Harow works the night shift at a hospital very frequently. While he does struggle from time to time he feels that what he is doing is worth it and can make a difference.

Working the night shift at a hospital is not easy. Just because it is at night does not mean that medical emergencies do not happen. A lot is going on in a hospital at night. People tend to get injured or sick and they have nowhere else to go. They need some help and the hospital is the only place that is there to help them. Harrow feels tired and exhausted when he thinks about working the night shift. These shifts are long. While most people are sleeping he is working with other healthcare professionals to help those in need and make sure everyone is safe.

When working at a hospital at night people including the staff are going to get tired. People are working when the body is ready to shut down and rest for the night. The night shift goes against everything the body knows. It is hard to complete at times. A lot is going on and even though it is at night there is not a dull moment. The hospital does not stop and it does not pause to go to sleep.

Even with all of the struggle and the tough times, Cory Harow sticks it out. He would not rather be anywhere else besides working in the hospital. He is doing his dream job and he would not change things for the ways that they are. He wants to be in the hospital setting and he is doing something that he has always wanted to do with his life. He is getting the chance to help other people and has worked hard to get the job that he is in.

While working the night shift especially at a hospital is not going to be easy and will be a challenge, Harow would not have it any other way. He is getting the chance to work his dream job. He has thought about helping others and wanted to work in the field since he was a small child. He is doing what he dreamed of and has always wanted to do. While it is not easy to stay awake all night and miss out on certain opportunities he would not have things any differently. He is doing what he has dreamed of and the hours for this job are not as important as the difference that he is making.