Evolving Through E-Learning; What You Need To Know Now By Salim Elhila

In just seconds and a few clicks on a keyboard, you can find tons of learning and business opportunities available on the web. It is no wonder that global e-learning is projected to reach $325 billion by 2025. 

In 2017, 77% of companies in the US used online learning in employee development. Also, data suggests that for every dollar spent on e-learning, companies make $30 in productivity. Thus, entrepreneurs are turning to e-learning for personal development and for boosting productivity. 

Salim Elhila is an entrepreneur trailblazing in the field of e-learning. He went from teaching himself everything from creating successful businesses to training others how to create their own businesses. 

How it all started

After graduating with a degree in Mathematical Engineering and Statistical Modeling, Salim Elhila found a job abroad that allowed him to live fabulous experiences. However, neither the pay nor the lifestyle was fulfilling enough. Salim Elhila had a bigger vision. He yearned to have the freedom and to have a significant impact on the world. 

Against all the odds, Salim Elhila quit his job and delved into a world of self-development. He was fascinated by how e-commerce businesses can provide the freedom to work from anywhere. Within a few months, Salim opened his first e-commerce business: a marketplace, selling trendy products. From there, Salim Elhila has moved from selling products online to sharing his knowledge. 

E-learning and building of a career

Despite the success of his e-commerce businesses, Salim felt that something was missing. He wanted to connect more with others and add value to their lives. Coming from an introverted personality, Salim valued the fact that human interactions can lead to a great cause. 

He desired to share his successful experiences and insights in e-commerce with others. To do this, Salim Elhila started a free online program on a YouTube channel and Facebook Groups. What started as a free coaching program turned into a highly successful program attracting hundreds of customers. He knew then, that this is a path he wanted to pursue and went ahead to create a mentorship program so that he can impact as many people as he could. 

In a little over four weeks, Salim’s mentoring program was able to take a perfect beginner from making zero to 1,000 euros per day. Through digital learning, Salim Elhila was able to help people grow and achieve their successes in business and e-learning. He found this profoundly fulfilling and has not looked back since.

The Development of Learning Master

Salim Elhila co-founded Learning Master with his business partner Djibril Mara in December 2019. Learning Master provides high-end training services to help people create online coaching, consulting, and service businesses. So far, it has been dubbed as the ‘most efficient training in the market.’ 

Learning Master uses a unique approach that allows entrepreneurs to reach their full potential by crushing their limiting beliefs. Salim Elhila notes that “the main goal is to have a positive impact on the world.” Entrepreneurs who tap into this enormous opportunity can start and scale their businesses, extending the impact to thousands of others across the globe. 

Unlike other online training programs, Learning Master selects its students. “We want the people we support to share our values and ethics,” explains the co-founder. With a clear vision of the impact of the training program, e-learning is just that vehicle needed to get there. 

Why e-learning is key

The benefits of e-learning, especially for entrepreneurs, are enormous. Firstly, it provides an efficient way to learn while also providing flexibility and convenience in accessing the training. Secondly, the training programs developed by Learning Master are very interactive, and designed to encourage the clients to overcome their limitations and explore opportunities to help them reach their full potential. This approach helps to understand the challenges and work through solutions as a team. By working together, you can solve any issues with the guidance of an expert with real-life experiences in the sector. 

Impacting through e-learning 

At just 26 years of age, Salim Elhila has helped 100s of entrepreneurs create successful online businesses. His students can access training materials anytime and from anywhere. After gaining a strong footprint in France, the program is spreading its trail of impact throughout the globe. Explore more about Learning Master here