Data Systems International Helps Construction Companies

Data Systems International is a company that creates software to help other companies manage and track their inventory. They provide cloud-based solutions to inventory problems, and they also make apps for mobile devices for the same purpose. The company is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, and it was founded in 1979. Today, it employees roughly 400 people.

Helping construction companies

Data Systems International has worked with a number of construction companies in the past to help them track their inventory with their supply-chain management software. In particular, they have worked with Aegion, MAREK and Womble Co. to help them make their already efficient operations even more effective.

By using Data Systems International software on their job sites, these companies have been able to keep excellent track of equipment and supplies. Furthermore, they have been able to keep a close eye on each link in their supply chains, and their Data Systems International software has also allowed them to digitize their own inspection paperwork to have it ready when it is needed for compliance and safety audits. Here are some examples of job site hazards to look out for.

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Working with MAREK

MAREK is a company that handles many types of interior work on a wide variety of both commercial and residential buildings. When they were having trouble keeping track of their inventory, they turned to Data Systems International and got great results.

In the past, MAREK used a cumbersome manual system, but Data Systems International helped them automate much of the process. Furthermore, because the Data Systems International runs on mobile devices, those in the company trying to keep track of equipment and supplies can work directly in the field instead of going back and forth between their offices and the company’s construction sites. The Data Systems International products integrated easily with the company’s existing databases.

Within three weeks of implementing the Data Systems International software, MAREK was able to use it easily and effectively without any support. Their team worked from iPhones, and they didn’t have to do any coding themselves because the software interface is easy and intuitive. Furthermore, they weren’t having to write information down on paper, and this reduced the chances of human error.


Aegion is another company that Data Systems International provided software and support to. Aegion specializes in pipelines, and they wanted to move to a cloud-based inventory system. Once they had their Data Systems International software up and running, it was much easier for them to create service tickets.

Furthermore, they were able to produce invoices almost immediately when, in the past, it had taken weeks. The Aegion employees that worked with their new software said that the learning curve was very easy, and they said it could be operated by almost anyone.

Womble Co.

Yet another Texas company that turned to Data Systems International software is Womble Co. They produce coatings for steel pipes, and Data Systems International was able to provide software solutions in both Spanish and English. This helped reduce supply-chain mistakes and delays.

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