How To Stop Annoying Dog Barking? Use BarxBuddy! [2020 Buyers Guide]

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Having a dog in your home, and as part of your family, is an amazing gift. Dogs provide unwavering love and will be by your side through thick and thin.

While this may sound like a picture-perfect ending, sometimes, that dog by your side just won’t quit barking. Most of us dog owners have been there before: at first, the barking is sweet and tolerable, but it quickly dissolves into a nuisance. 

So, how do you stop annoying dog barking? While there are a few different options, I’ve been using a dog training device called BarxBuddy. It’s specifically designed to help get your dog to stop barking, but you can also use it for other annoying habits you want to train out of them. 

If you’re interested in using BarxBuddy for annoying dog barking, or for another unpleasant habit, check out this 2020 buyers guide below.

What is BarxBuddy?

BarxBuddy is a small, sleek, and handy dog training device. It works by emitting a high-pitched tone, which is not audible to humans, and not harmful to dogs. 

The noise is designed to get your dog’s attention, without annoying you in the process, which is great. There’s also an LED light on the device, which you can use as an additional training tool.

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How do you use BarxBuddy?

One of the best things about the BarxBuddy dog training device is how simple it is to use, and it makes any misbehaving moment a teachable moment. The idea is that you always carry a BarxBuddy with you or have one nearby. 

When your dog starts annoying barking, you grab your BarxBuddy and press the button to emit the high-pitched tone. This should get your dog’s attention and lead them to stop barking. You can also use the LED light to get their attention as well.

Once your dog stops barking, it’s best to have them sit calmly for a few moments, to solidify the training. When they’re calm, you can reinforce the training with something positive, such as a treat or praise.

What are the perks of BarxBuddy?

There are several advantages to using BarxBuddy. The first is that it allows you to make every moment a potential training moment, in a consistent way. 

What I mean by this is that you’ll always be ready to train your dog, using the same training method every time. This can be really helpful, especially in a home where multiple people are participating in the dog training. When everyone in the home uses the same method consistently, your training is much more likely to be successful.

The BarxBuddy dog training device is also a much more affordable alternative to typical dog training lessons. These classes can be quite pricey, and quickly add up, because you need to go to several of them, at least.

Plus, when someone else leads the training with your dog, it can be tough to transition that training into your own home. BarxBuddy keeps you at the helm of the training, and you’re able to do it in your very own home.

If you’ve ever encountered an aggressive dog or another alarming animal on your walks, BarxBuddy is also a great protection device. You can use the high-pitched tone and LED light to ward off any animals coming your way, which you want to avoid.