Expert Advice: The Site Helpers Share Basics Of Mastering WordPress

Expert Advice: The Site Helpers Share Basics Of Mastering WordPress

People are choosing WordPress because it can be used to create beautiful websites with amazing functionality. It also makes it easy for users to access and edit the site’s content.

As more people are using WordPress, WordPress developers are also increasing. For people who can master this skill, it can be very lucrative for them. 

We had an exclusive interview with one of the industry experts at The Site Helpers on WordPress development. The Site Helpers provide learning opportunities for beginners interested in mastering WordPress.

They answered our questions on learning to use WordPress and also shared some fundamentals to mastering WordPress development.

What skills or traits should every good WordPress developer exhibit?

The most important trait that every WordPress developer must have is the readiness to keep learning. Building websites that would fulfill the client’s end goal is no small task. 

You can master how to use one particular software, then it gets updated or a better one comes up. Technology never stops evolving and a good WordPress developer is always ready to adapt to new tools.

A good WordPress developer must also have an eye for details and aesthetics.

What are some fundamental things learners have to note while getting started with WordPress?

My advice on this to people just starting out as WordPress developers is to learn all they need to about WordPress. When they fully understand how it works, they will know how to manipulate it to match their clients’ needs. 

Fully understanding how the system works would also keep them ahead of false rumors about WordPress development. I have heard people say you need to know how to code before you can get started. No, that is false.

Knowing how to code could help you later on your journey, but for now, you don’t necessarily need to know how to code. 

What are some common mistakes WordPress beginners make?

First, many beginners spend a lot on tools that they do not need. Beginners often keep buying all the items that are suggested on the sites they visit.

That’s a bad practice that doesn’t pay them on the long run. Primarily, you need a domain name and a paid hosting service package.

Another mistake is that beginners often omit setting up a contact form on the site. Contact forms are very important because that is how visitors would be able to contact the site owner.

Also, many beginners shuffle between WordPress themes because of indecision. A good developer should pick a theme and builds with it.

It saves time and resources when you make a final decision on the theme to use early enough. 

When it comes to websites, aesthetics is important, but what else makes a site attract and convert visitors?

There is a lot more to making your site convert visitors than aesthetics alone. How you build your site means a lot to how visitors would respond to it.

Things like the contents, ad-placement, how responsive the site is, and the Call to Action are really important.

What does the roadmap to learning WordPress development the right way look like?

Well, if you want to build a great career in WordPress development, you must be ready to learn. Don’t just start jumping to tools.

Learn the right way and then get started. WordPress is often depicted as an easier alternative to coding websites from the ground up.

Yes, it might be easier, but you still have to go through a learning process first. This is one of the services we provide at The Site Helpers.

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