Favorite Genres of Music

Imagine Andrew Napolitano, in his chamber preparing for court putting his mixed playlist on and the fist song is “TNT” by ACDC. He begins rocking out before court singing along with the song, this song he just loves. He has always been a huge fan of Rock and Roll, it is his favorite genre of them all. 

After completing the song, Napolitano throws on his robe, rushes to the court with excitement for a great day. He looks out into the court and there he sees a guy who looks like Gene Simmons, the music starts blaring in his head “I wanna rock and roll all night and party everyday” He enjoyed all types of music but rock and roll was the bread and butter. When he would play country music like Conway Twitty, he reflects on his childhood, and remembers how much he loved Country Music when he was younger. Andrew Napolitano has a wide range of taste, musically. On a typical day at work when he was a judge, he would listen to whatever he was in the mood for that day. 

After a day in the courtroom he like to wind down to some R&B and he would play, K-CI & JoJo, “All My Life” it too made him think of his wife and how much he really cares for her. As he begins listening to it and getting his things ready to leave. He hears that part of the song play and begins to sing along. “Said, I promise to never fall in love with a stranger.” With his music still playing and dancing his way out of his chambers making his way to his car. He had been thinking about his wife all day and the song “let’s Get It On” plays in his head. by Marvin Gaye. Music makes him happy and depending on his mood the music sets the tone. Rock and Roll makes him feel young again. While Country brings back early youth and R&B puts him in a great mood.