What to Eat Before an Exam

When a person has an exam to take they should be well prepared for it. They should study and make sure they get a good night’s sleep. There is something else that a person can do before they take the exam. These are some tips that Shalom Lamm believes in before taking an exam. Lamm knows that it is important to eat a good breakfast and never take the same on an empty stomach.


Eating before the exam will give the body and the mind the energy that is needed to focus. If a person is hungry they will not be able to fully focus on the given task. The mind may be cloudy and the body will be distracted. Having a good breakfast will give the mind and the body what they need to focus and work their best. This will allow a person to think and concentrate on their exam. There are some foods that will help out during the exam.

Complex Carbs

These foods will give the brain the energy it needs to keep on functioning and think properly. The brain will use these foods to work to its best ability. Some of the best complex carbs for breakfast include fresh fruit and steel cut oatmeal.


Foods that are high in protein will help the brain with mental clarity. This will also help the brain with concentration so that a person can focus on the task at hand. Eggs are a great source of protein as well as whole grain cereal. Low fat milk and oatmeal are also high in protein. Blueberries and sunflower seeds can be added to the oatmeal or certain for an extra boost. Even bacon can be eaten before an exam to give the body the protein boost that it needs.

Foods for Energy

There are some foods that will give the body energy. These foods will help a person wake up and stay focused. It is important to be awake and alert for the exam. Almonds, walnuts, and granola will give the body energy. These foods can be eaten alone or they can be mixed with cereal or oatmeal. This will allow a person to be alert. If a person has a break during their test they should eat some nuts to stay awake.


Water is one of the best things to drink before taking an exam. Water will help keep the body hydrated which will allow a person to focus. Water is one of the best things for the body and it should be used before taking any kind of important test.

Shalom Lamm believes these foods will allow a person to get a good breakfast and they will be able to concentrate on the exam. These foods will allow a person to use their best mental power and they will be able to focus on the exam by eating these foods or a combination of these foods for breakfast.