Government Spending

Working toward a better, more positive government has never been a priority of many. It seems impossible. But Alexander Djerassi worked throughout his schooling and after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Princeton for positive accomplishments and uniting different peoples from different areas for more positive progress. He works for better more positive outcomes. Our world has become smaller and more united, but we are still a country running our own business. The United States tries to stay within its borders, and works by its rules, making it necessary to be separate.

The United States works from a budget worked out from previous budgets. showing the income, the expenditures, and the deficits. The deficits are of course losses over income and that amount for 2020 was $205 Billion. Every year, so far, inflation and increase in population have raised the amount of these figures. Donald Trump expected the expenditures for 2019 to be 4,829 trillion dollars. The 2019 budget showed 6% for Welfare, 12% for Defense, 23% for Health Care,9% for Education, and 25% for others. The greatest expenses are for welfare and health.

The government must pass appropriation bills to send to the president for approval before the discretionary or interest bills can be paid. They can’t just vote to pay some agency a certain amount and hand over the money even if it is in the budget. If the president won’t sign the appropriation bill, Congress can pass the bill by a vote of 2/3. Or they can rework the bill and try again. That’s both houses’ requirements. There are different kinds of payments, mandatory, discretionary, and Interest.


Mandatory payments are ones that have been prescribed by-laws passed earlier. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are some of them. The salaries for congress and the president also are mandatory. The Forest Service and federal judges are included in these mandatory payments. Many of the public believe, rightly or wrongly, that congress has allotted themselves more than necessary amounts of pay. It is causing much anger of a slow-seeming type.

Other programs for the care of people, (unemployment), are included in mandatory payments. Because more people are living longer, and the older population has risen in numbers, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid have increased. Health costs have also increased.

The mandatory expenses have increased over the years. And mandatory expenses can be changed by law by Congress and the approval of the president.

Discretionary Payments

The highest discretionary expense is the military. These expenses must be approved by the president one by one. each year or they do not get paid.


Payment for interest is generally paid without question as these payments represent the stability and honor of our country.

Our Goals

Alexander Djerassi would be pleased with the desires shown by the government toward progress. They wish to refigure the resources, recognize the vast spread between the wealthy and the poor, and keep finances stable.