John Goullet

The Importance of Expressing Yourself

Ever had trouble sharing what is in your mind with friends, colleagues, and family? While we all have different traits and quirks, sharing our experiences and thoughts with others should not be a problem. We all have different levels of sharing. How we express and share with those around us creates a basis for our personality. Extra sources is also a much convenient way if you have a trouble sharing yourself to your love ones or closest friends.

For some people, hiding who they are allows them to figuratively play it safe. This can be for a good reason sometimes. However, when you analyze deeper, this can stunt their growth. So, why is self-expression important? First, let understand what self-expression means.

What is Self-Expression?

Self-expression is the act of expressing your feelings and thoughts. The expression can be in the form of words, choices, and actions. Different persons express themselves differently. People can use words, facial expression, actions, clothing, your body, movements, and possessions.

Self-expression is simple but very few people understand its importance. Andrew Napolitano who has served as a judge, attorney, professor of law, and a media commentator speaks on the importance of self-expression. He strongly believes people should express themselves freely and stand up for what they believe. The judge believes in protecting free speech even when generated and defined by hatred as long the expression does not lead to lawless violence.

Stronger Boundaries Develop

When people express themselves, they can see how they communicate. One can easily gauge his or her feelings from a clear mindset. This enables you to develop a strong sense of yourself to draw when communicating.

People can say yes or no when in a challenging situation. They feel more grounded in their feelings as opposed to pressure.

Boosts Creativity

Expressing yourself can enhance creativity in other areas of your life. Be messy and play like a child even if it feels silly. This enables you to relax when in compromising situations and invite new perspectives in life. New ideas will come as you feel more energetic for other responsibilities in life. Creativity can add spice to life. A simple whim can lead to bigger things in life.

When people express themselves to others, they create an active living space around them. You also develop a healthier relationship with the people around you. Don’t let people imagine what you’re thinking. Instead, let them know your thoughts. They will understand you better and treat you from a point of understanding.

Conquers Fear and Soothes Anxiety

Expressing yourself and talking about your fears weakens the fear. When people talk about themselves, what they fear, and why they fear, they easily debunk the fear and anxiety myths. You get to have control over your fear and regain confidence.

Expands Your Sense of Time

When you focus on an issue because you cannot express it, you end up wasting time. Time feels slow when you focus on detail. However, expressing yourself gives you time to reflect and process details. Expressing gets you right to the point and gives you a new expanded sense of time. People easily get to reflect on what to do with the time they have on earth.

Let’s follow Andrew Napolitano‘s belief in self-expression. Napolitano believes that when people express their feelings freely we are better equipped to deal with them since we know what they are feeling as opposed to what they are hiding.