Here Are 4 Benefits For Golden Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The golden extra virgin olive oil is a product designed and sold by Podgornik Kristjan. Podgornik, who hails from Slovenia, is the founder of the company that produces this masterpiece. Olive oil is a beauty to the eye, and a closer look will enable you to see the quality and why it is the world’s number one. 

Golden Olive

The golden extra virgin oil features a luxurious black packaging to give it a prestigious look, and the jar inside the black box contains a perfectly edged glass bottle. The oil itself is enriched with 24 karat gold to add value and a little prestige to the olive oil. The above product has won numerous awards and even made its way into the Michelin Star chefs and Hollywood stars households. At one time, it was and still is Former first lady Melania Trump’s favorite olive oil. 

When you buy this product, you are bound for a golden experience and optimum enjoyment of life. Even better is how this product is packaged. The olive oil is sent with a personalized card and a lovely message to the recipient. Originally from Istria, the oil is refined and ranks as one of the best quality oil in the world. Podgornik adds value to this world-class olive oil through the 24 karat gold flakes and the handmade velvet boxing with golden engravings. 

A product for the Best

You’d be amazed at how its production is more focused on people enjoying and sharing than making sales for luxury. It’s suggested to host a culinary treat when you purchase this golden product because this is ultimately its intended purpose. 

Big names in the global entertainment industry, musicians, and even top actors enjoy the greatness of the Golden olive oil. The names of these celebrities include Mario Balotelli, the famous Italian footballer, and John Malkovich, the prominent actor and filmmaker. In this case, the golden extra virgin olive oil is a quality luxurious product that is only made for the best, despite its affordable price. The olive oil by Podgornik accounts for every cent spent considering the product and packaging. 

Stand Out as a Brand

The product is also the face of Slovenia and is a sign of excellence considering its founder is Slovenian, who has delivered an exceptional product. Together with the product, he has a concierge agency for celebrities and personally gets involved with customized culinary and travel experiences. However, most of these services are high class and top dollar. For this reason, most of his customers are renowned names who fancy Slovenia as their getaway location and location for their events. 

During his encounter in the industry, he has interacted with prominent artists during business and events. Podgornik continues to build his name in the Slovenian business industry and the global economy. His product has won numerous awards on international platforms. His most significant advantage is being familiar with his country; therefore, he knows what to offer and creates the perfect mix of activities to give his clients a lifetime experience. He blends expertise in Slovenian cuisines, natural hidden gems, and making an unforgettable moment that his clients cannot replicate. 

In conclusion, Podgornik has created a world-class product and gone a step high by adding value to this masterpiece. His effort has been rewarded by the international celebrities that acknowledge his creation in the market. As an entrepreneur, he has done even better by finding a method to meet stars and promote his product. Spreading love and sharing the golden experience is his primary goal.