Over 4 Decades in The Real Estate Business: Are You Ready for A New Lifetime Career

Over four decades in real estate! How impressive! David McGowan is the man with a hefty cup of wisdom in real estate based on his experience and achievements. Having attained most of his life dreams, he aims to be a catalyst in helping others dream and make those dreams a reality. McGowan thus built the Inland Real Estate School to serve that purpose. He finds tremendous enthusiasm in assisting others in achieving their goals in life.  If you would like to know more about real estates and investment on this types of properties, read this to learn more!

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Career Highlights

Dave is a designated managing broker for a large commercial real estate company, a 2008 REALTOR of the Year- Northern Illinois Commercial Association of REALTORS 2008 (President). He has been a franchise and corporate sales trainer for seven years, President and CEO of a small regional franchise company, more than 40 years of experience in managing and training. McGowan has also created and implemented professional training programs, conducted instructional seminars for as many as a thousand industry professionals with the help of the Buyers Agents.

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Getting on to figures, Dave has streamlined the daily operations of a subsidiary resulting in the conversion of a $52,000 deficit into a $32,000 profit within three years. He has reduced the yearly expenditures of a regional franchisor by 50% while increasing franchise services and income. Additionally, McGowan has authored 11 programs, including reading materials approved by the State of Illinois for pre-license and post-license education. He has dealt with groups from 30 to 1000 trainees. His list of achievements is endless as there is much more to his four decades in real estate. Without a doubt, anyone with a real estate ambition would want to acquire his skills. He also represents how fruitful the industry can get.  

Here is why you need to hop into this industry:

1. An Exemplar like Dave

By looking at how great Dave McGowan has grown in real estate is something to admire. You cannot discount the dedication and commitment he has developed for not only his success but more importantly the success of his students. The best thing is that Dave has a life mission of helping someone like you attain those goals. He is a trainer and a mentor you could seek guidance from at any stage of your journey. Dave has been through it all and knows what works and what doesn’t. He is also so passionate about boosting his school and helping as many as he could. When the pandemic hit, Dave had to restructure his classes to Zoom lessons to continue adding value to those willing to propel in the market. He is ready to reach out to many. Dave does not mind being backstage as long as he has pushed the accolades and impacted society. 

2. Greater Benefits

Real estate is undoubtedly fruitful. Housing has been the American dream for decades. Consumers rely on the expertise of real estate licensees to help them meet their housing goals. As a result, the income structure to the licensee can be extremely lucrative. While commissions are impressive, you are not limited to the amount you can earn in any given year. It is only your personal limitations that you need to be aware of. 

Most agents work as independent contractors, and your compensation depends on your efforts. It all depends on the sales you generate. Consequently, it would be best to leverage your skills first as you learn the basic necessities of how to be successful in the real estate industry. Specialize in a specific niche, set realistic goals, and create a game plan for yourself targeting your personal objectives. When you do the above, you will find yourself succeeding in ways that are unimaginable.

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So, are you ready to get into real estate in florida? The above tips will help you along your path at any stage. But you must have a mentor willing to take the time and show you what needs to be done, you must invest in yourself developing skill sets to be your best version like helping people who want to do buying a home in the South. Dave McGowan can help you get started by giving you some direction on what needs to be done. You can reach him through one of the following

Email: d.mcgowan@inlandreschool.com

LinkedIn: https://d.mcgowan@inlandreschool.com

Website: https://inlandreschool.com