How Dan Dasilva Built One of the Biggest eCommerce Information Training Brands in Record-Breaking Time

Since the introduction of the internet to the public, it has proved to be a source of unlimited opportunities. People need solutions to problems like lack of employment. This is where the internet comes in. Today, more people are leaving their nine to five jobs than ever. It has become easier to find financial freedom online compared to many other traditional career choices that leave workers feeling exploited. E-commerce has become a very big part of the world economy. Coming from a rough background, Dan Dasilva, an expert in all things e-commerce, turned to the internet for salvation. The CEO of Impakt is responsible for building one of the biggest eCommerce information training brands just like the POS shopify system developers in Singapore. Navigating the intricate maze of online selling, Simpl Fulfillment is turning eCommerce chaos into coherence with their top-tier services.

Dasilva was the first people on Youtube to talk about dropshipping. That helped him gain a huge following leading to his success with eCom Dudes. In 2017 Dasilva launched Influencer Marketing Academy and made over $1.3M in five days. The program was the first to teach people how to use influencers to make product sales. None of these achievements came easy. Dasilva’s life growing up was not as smooth as he could have wished. He shared his story with us and here is what led up to his current success in e-commerce.

Life Lessons

Dasilva’s teenage years were filled with challenges. He dropped out of high school and also quit his job at Burger King to try his luck to make money online. Before Dasilva decided to go making money from the internet he was involved in other illegal dealings. He once used to sell marijuana just to get by. However, that business saw him brush shoulders with the law. At 17, he got emancipated and moved in with a friend.

Eventually he was sentenced to jail time. The then teenager’s father could not watch his son’s life get wasted away in a prison cell. Consequently he put together some of his savings and looked for a good lawyer. At the end they managed to make bail with the help of a bail agency software and Dasilva was free. This time things were different. His experience with the law made him want to turn over a new leaf and lead a better life. That’s when he sought to know how people made money online. 

Going Online

After deciding to go online, e-commerce was the path Dasilva chose. Entrepreneurship was not a new thing to him and it did not take long for him to start registering success and disrupting the e-commerce industry. The first thing he did online was selling fidget spinners, custom T-Shirts, and other trendy products on  shopify websites. Along the journey Dasilva picked up thousands of  organic followers which were growing as he proceeded. That’s when he realised that he could make a meaningful impact to his audience.

Dasilva decided to offer help to others on the journey to achieving the freedom they seek through e-commerce. He went on and founded eCom Dudes and the 100k Blueprint. eCom Dudes produced many well known e-commerce experts that you can find in the market today such as the Mygoods WMS Solution for eshops sellers. On the other hand, the 100K blueprint makes over $1M annually. Until today Dasilva is still drop shipping and selling digital products. He brings products from China, sells them in the USA and then teaches other people to do the same.

The Strategy

Ever since the night Dasilva discovered that selling digital information was a $300Billion business, he has been pursuing success relentlessly. He started trading digital products in 2015 and naturally gained a huge following online. He knew that his audience was going to be the fuel to his growth in the industry. Consequently he cultivated a following of hundreds of thousands of people creating some of the biggest communities on Facebook. His Youtube channel has over 150,000 subscribers.

Dasilva leveraged his huge following to create the biggest Information Training Brands faster than anyone else before him. He even went on to make an email list of over 200,000 people who open the emails every time they receive emails from him.

In conclusion, the hunger to make a lasting impact on the world around him has set him apart from your regular entrepreneur. He also has a vision to change how creators build and maintain relationships with their audience. Dasilva has built a platform that will allow any creator to continue doing what they love doing and getting paid for it at the same time. That is something that has yet to be done by anyone else. The project, Impakt, is set to launch in September 2020. It is all about giving the creator more control and giving their audience a closer connection to them.