How Social Media & Ads Can Help You Achieve The Status Symbol Of Choice-“Six-Figure Income”

Recent statistics reveal that 2.95 billion people are active on social media. The frequency of use of social media platforms prompted the rise in social media marketing. What are the benefits of social media and ads for a business? We talked with Leo Olsen Guillot to discover more about the benefits of social media. 

Leo Olsen Guillot 

Leo Olsen Guillot is the Founder and owner of Olsen Media. Before starting his own business, Olsen spent two years investing in hundreds of thousands of Facebook Ads, different ad strategies and targeting. Olsen is a consultant specialized in sales, growth, and personal brand management. This versatile entrepreneur started a business at age 19 years and made his first million by age 20. 

Olsen is an expert in starting and building a successful business. He started a Pickup and Delivery Laundry start-up. He also sold his company dubbed to Clickfunnels. Olsen has been a keynote speaker in several seminars, for instance, the Paris 2018 Bizclub Live. Within six months of operation, Olsen Media company has grown to a six-figure business. The company operates in the B2B space, where it helps businesses use social media to expand their reach. 

How Social Media & Ads Help You 

Social media marketing like the ones at helps you connect and engage with your audience. Today’s customers don’t want a brand that tries to sell to them. They want a brand that engages with them on social media. A study revealed that 63% of customers follow brands on social media 62% of those surveyed followed a brand to learn about sales. Also, 60% developed a brand to keep up with a new product. These statistics prove that it is risky for a business to ignore the power of social media. 

Leo Olsen Guillot says that social media gives you a higher engagement compared to cold calling and emailing. Social media allows social selling. You get to interact with your target audience by providing them with the answers they need. 74% of shoppers rely on social media as part of their purchasing decisions. When you develop the right strategies for social media, you can attract and nurture leads at a higher rate than when you use emailing or cold calling. 

One of the most popular ads is Facebook Ads. As of 2020, Facebook had 2.6 billion monthly active users. Facebook remains the most prominent social media marketing platform in the world. As such, it is wise for a business to develop a strategy that helps them connect with their audience via Facebook. 78% of American consumers admit that they discovered a product on Facebook. When you formulate Ads on Facebook, you significantly improve your brand awareness. You should buy facebook reaction to achieve a successful ad campaign.

Social media ads are an inexpensive way to promote your brand. Aside from buying Facebook likes at socialzinger’s website link, it would help if you considered connecting with your audience across all social media platforms, e.g., Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter. However, Olsen says that you should first research your audience. What is your target audience? Once you have figured and found out your audience, you should identify which social media platforms they love hanging out in daily. If you are a B2B business, for instance, your audience is likely to be on LinkedIn. 

Olsen Media Six-Figure Income 

Leo Olsen Gullot’s Olsen media company is an example of the benefits of social media and ads. Olsen leveraged the use of social media ads to improve brand recognition. He would regularly interact with his clients by responding to their feedback and taking up their concerns. The constant interaction helped Olsen build credibility with his clients. “Once customers are familiar with your brand. Once they identify you as an expert and a thought leader, then they will share your brand with others,” says Olsen. 

In 6 months, Olsen was able to grow his start-up from zero revenue to a six-figure income. Olsen could not have achieved this accomplishment if he had not targeted his potential clients on social media. Social media advertising results in increased brand visibility. This visibility, in turn, boosts traffic to your website and increases your chance for lead conversion. “With a well-articulated media plan, you can get a six-figure income. Also, social media ads will help you build your brand to the status symbol of your choice,” says Olsen. 

Are you currently using social media ads? Please share your experiences with us and the lessons learned. You can also connect to Leo Olsen for more information.