How the MAGFAST Team Is Navigating the Coronavirus Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has had a major impact on people all over the world. It has significantly affected lives, families, and businesses, including MAGFAST – the startup founded by Seymour Segnit with a mission to change the world of charging forever.

MAGFAST’s best-in-class devices turn nests of wires, extraneous portable chargers with weak batteries, and ugly boxes into an elegant and beautiful experience. With the complete MAGFAST collection, you can charge your devices on the go, in your car, and at home without sacrificing speed or power. Unfortunately, coronavirus containment has impacted the company’s development and production process, and its effects will be felt for some time.

More than anything else, MAGFAST is deeply moved by how much support its teams in China and Taiwan have received over the last several weeks. Concerned customers have sent their love and well wishes at a time when they need them the most. The business landscape is very different right now than it was just a month ago. Funding, plans, outlooks, and global development have all undergone significant shifts, but the MAGFAST team – which already works remotely using video conferencing and sophisticated file sharing – continues to operate worldwide despite these challenges.

That doesn’t mean that there haven’t been issues, however. A key member of the MAGFAST team visited his family 60 miles from Wuhan and is still unable to travel, and the Chinese government is enforcing extremely strict protocols to prevent spreading the virus in factories and offices.

These updates left Segnit and the rest of the MAGFAST team fearing the worst, as the company’s manufacturing partners work with a number of much larger corporations. The team expected to have to sideline development in an effort to expedite the production of higher priority projects for bigger clients, but MAGFAST is moving along faster than expected.

When it comes to shipping and receipt of products, though, there’s more to address. Segnit has no interest in delivering a mediocre product and knows that the world needs more than another underwhelming charger. The MAGFAST line is looking better than ever, and the company is nearly ready to scale production, but as you might expect, combating the coronavirus has had a major impact on delivery dates. Companies much larger than MAGFAST, after all, are still trying to figure out when their production schedules will return to normal.

Despite these difficulties, MAGFAST’s teams are back to work all over the world. They are working tirelessly to make and ship the world’s greatest charging devices, and Segnit will not rest until he’s achieved his goal of rolling out the fastest, most efficient, most beautiful, easiest-to-use, and greenest charging devices ever made.