Virtual Learning And COVID-19 Have Changed The Resources Educators Need Forever

The 2019-20 school year is likely to be an unforgettable time for students and teachers alike. Colleges and K-12 schools closed their doors and quickly moved online in an effort to stop the spread of Coronavirus. The mental toll of the coronavirus pandemic is unfolding inside homes throughout the country, as students, parents, and teachers learn to deal with a new normal of social distancing and remote learning. Students, parents, and educators need ways to communicate and connect and must find new avenues to do so. Moving education online so completely and suddenly has caused a lot of stress, but there are resources out there to lessen the burden, especially for teachers.

MrOwl is a Social Cloud Storage™ platform that brings together the best of search, social, and the cloud all in one app. You can use it to find, save, and share information.

It has free, unlimited cloud storage for content that you share with the world, which happens to be a service similar to pCloud. Users build collections, called “branches,” with subtopics, links, documents, and media within them. Plus, you can come find what other users have shared on MrOwl. It’s never been easier to connect and collaborate with endless communities and discover what others have shared. It is perfect for organizing and sharing resources, making connections with other users, and personalizing the information you present on your branches.

Create Easily Shareable Resources

Users on MrOwl can create and upload any type of resources they want: documents, videos, images, links, and more. This makes it easy to share information with students and parents on lessons, assignments, and readings. Educators can also create and share information for other teachers to use, such as lesson plans, projects, and printables. Students of have a good time learning on the platform. Collaborating helps lessen the strain on individual teachers and distributes the work among a network of educators. Branches such as this, Resources for Educators and Families one share information that educators and parents from anywhere may find helpful.

Upload and repeat some of the lessons you taught in class. Especially for those students who are missing the classroom environment, this will probably help activate their memory of being part of a community and remind them that they are still part of one. This directly ties into the next point.


At the best of times, teaching can feel somewhat lonely. Now, during a pandemic, trying to teach online makes that even more true. Connecting with other teachers, students, and parents is a necessity right now. MrOwl makes it easy for communities to come together at times like these. Besides sharing information, you can have discussions on available resources, how to cope being stuck at home during the quarantine, or provide assistance on lessons. Like the various governments and medical communities coming together in this time of need, educators and schools also need to come together to help their communities to continue to learn and to have access to the things they need without interruption. Collaborating and supporting elearning content designer is crucial in this effort.

Amid the need for specific resources to help with learning, there is also an overwhelming need for hope, for reminders of our collective resilience, for ways to cope with the intersecting anxieties students and educators are facing.  Students left behind more than just their classes and academics. On campuses there are important spaces where students meet and talk about their nonacademic lives: sports, upcoming concerts, recently discovered shows, and so on. Consider creating a community discussion board for them to share what is happening in their lives, especially given the stress, fear, and strains in these uncertain times.


There is a need for more than just educational and emotional resources. People want to know what is going on around them. Being aware of the local realities of the pandemic can help ease fears of the unknown. MrOwl allows you to personalize information for your community. You can share information based on your local geographic area, specific school information, local government actions, and more. Talking about what is happening in the immediate environment can be soothing and reduce anxiety. Some other ideas for personalization include:

  • Making a video of yourself addressing your kids with a message of caring and hope.
  • Present locations of food banks or other places that will offer school lunches for students that rely on them even when the school is closed.
  • Upload, correct, and send back your revisions to homework.
  • Create branches where students can share thoughts and ideas with each other.

With Social Cloud, MrOwl is empowering everyone, Coronavirus or not, with a platform in which you can share information and connect with others wherever they are. Hopefully, this will help the countless educators and students currently at home in isolation with inspiration and a better way to continue to learn and do the things you love. Although the current public health crisis has demanded flexibility from students, parents, and educators, small measures of routine can be comforting for students stuck at home. In addition to providing comfort and continuity, sharing information and connection raises resilience and healthy responses to stress.