How to Better Utilize SEO Travel Marketing

Travel companies are rife with competition, which can make it hard to promote your brand. Large online travel agencies (OTAs) have access to substantial amounts of money, allowing them to advertise more aggressively. Smaller companies must therefore resort to delivering stellar customer service.

However, both kinds of OTAs engage in a method that has shown to bring in more consumers: search marketing.

There are two types of search marketing that OTAs engage in: paid searching through Google Adwords, Bing ads, or something similar, or utilizing travel search engine optimization (SEO) just like the one offered by SEO Freelancer.

SEO Travel Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a method where companies utilize keywords, link building, and other strategies to organize their web pages to be more easily found by search engines, thus allowing visitors to be more easily directed to said web page.

When utilizing travel SEO, one has to consider exactly how a visitor finds a travel company through searching. Visitors engage in a long, meandering process when booking travel plans. They tend to start by making general searches before focusing in on specific ones.

For example, visitors are far more likely to begin their booking process by searching a broad topic such as “Things to do in New York City” than making a specific search such as “rental cars near me.”

Thus, it is imperative that travel companies learn what keywords or phrases visitors are likely to search for in order to create appropriate content and links to direct the visitor to their website and services.

SEO Strategies

There is no clear-cut path for an OTA to successfully utilize SEO. SEO travel marketing calls for creative solutions. A Boston SEO agency can help you create the most effective strategy.

Luckily, there are many strategies that you can employ right now to improve the optimization of your webpages:

  • Go through each page on your website and make sure that each link works, and that each page links internally to another page on your site.
  • Guest post for other websites and include links back to your own.
  • Create definitive guides to an event, travel style, or country that can be used as a resource and shared.

There are plenty of other ways to direct visitors to your site. Get creative!

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