How to Give Back to Your Customers During the Holidays

‘Tis the season for holiday music, cheer, reflection, and coming together to close out yet another year. It’s also the season for giving back. The importance of giving back should never be understated. After all, just think where you would be without your customers.

If you’re looking to give back to your customers this holiday season, follow the giving-back strategies below.

A holiday sale

A holiday sale is quite possibly the easiest way to give back to your customers. Plus, it’s a win-win for everyone involved. While your customers are saving money on your products and services, your sales will be skyrocketing.

Whether you offer two-for-one deals, mark down your services by 10 to 25 percent, or have flash sales, your customers will surely appreciate you giving back via holiday deals.

Hold a contest on social media

Holding a contest on social media has many benefits. For starters. you’re giving customers something for free and therefore, you’ll be giving back. It is also a good social media tactic and can help increase engagement. Not to mention that contests can typically lead to customers going to your store or purchasing your product online.

You can even take it up a notch by having a variety of freebies that the contest winner can choose from, or have a survey before the contest in which your customers and followers decide what they would like to see for the contest prize. This tactic will help you engage with your customers and improve your customer service, as well as give away a prize.

Offer free shipping during the holidays

Shipping really adds up, but you can win the holiday season by offering free shipping during this time.

Whether you offer free shipping on everything or set a minimum price order customers have to hit before they can secure free shipping (this can, of course, lead to extra sales for your business), this is yet another way you can give back to your loyal customers.

Give away a free gift if a customer spends a certain amount of money

Another easy and effective way to give back to customers is by offering a free gift once a customer spends a certain amount of money. The gift can be your product, a service, or custom logo promotional bags. This encourages customers to spend more and also rewards them for their spending.

Donate a portion of sales to charity

If you really want to win the holiday season, you can donate a portion of sales to a charity of your choice. While this might not directly affect your customers, donating a portion of your sales  is good for PR and it can also help your community, as well as make your customers feel like they’re getting involved since a portion of their purchases are going to charity.

‘Tis the season for giving back, and this is one of the best ways to do it.

Send an appreciation email

Sometimes, the best way to give back is by telling your customers how much they mean to you. You can even get personal by checking your reviews and thanking your customers for what they said (or purchased).

Of course, you can also send an email to all of your customers that’s heartwarming, grateful, and spreads joy. Make sure to have an accurate, fast and secure email validation service that can help you get More info and connect with your customers.

There are plenty of ways to give back to your customers this holiday season, and we hope the strategies above can help you do exactly that. Strategies like this are how digital marketing experts at Straight Marketing help their clients while also boosting their customer service and Straight Marketing LLC reviews. We hope these strategies can help you do the same during the holidays.