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How to Manage One’s Perfectionism

How to Manage One’s Perfectionism

Many working professionals feel the need to be perfect at everything they do. Perfectionists typically demand the highest standards from themselves and others, making it difficult to find a balance between one’s high expectations for self and giving up when things get tough. This type of behavior is known as perfectionism, which can have a negative impact on both one’s personal life and professional career if not managed properly. Whenever professionals find themselves in the grips of perfectionism, it may be time for some self-care with products like CBD Oil!

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Not many entrepreneurs understand how much perfectionism can be a problem in their work and personal lives, like Alexander Djerassi, a prominent entrepreneur based in the US. Below are ways on how to manage one’s perfectionism, according to Djerassi.

1. Set Reasonable Goals

When working professionals set goals that are too high, they may find themselves in a never-ending cycle of disappointment and frustration when they cannot meet their expectations. Djerassi recommends setting reasonable goals instead so that one can avoid unnecessary pressure. This is especially important when it comes to work-related tasks. Professionals should break down large goals into smaller, more manageable tasks to help them achieve their goals without feeling overwhelmed.

2. Learn to Accept Failure

No one is perfect, and working professionals should accept failure as a part of life. Djerassi says that perfectionism can be “self-defeating” because it makes it difficult to complete tasks or projects. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. Professionals should remind themselves that failure is a natural part of life and it is okay to make mistakes.

3. Take a Break

When working professionals feel overwhelmed or stressed, it’s healthy to take a break. This can help clear their minds and come back to tasks with fresh eyes. Djerassi recommends taking breaks when one’s perfectionism starts to get the best of them. During this time, individuals should do something that relaxes them, such as going for a walk or listening to some music. SmokePost CBD Dispensary site has CBD products that helps in relaxation.

4. Focus on The Positive

Though as an entrepreneur, one won’t be happy when things are not working out as expected, Djerassi says that one should not dwell on the negatives but rather, they should focus on the positive aspects of their life. Professionals who are able to identify and appreciate what is going well in their life will feel more empowered, which can motivate them to work towards achieving other goals as well!

5. Run away From Procrastination

One of the most common traits shared by all perfectionists is their tendency to procrastinate. Even if they know what needs to be done, perfectionists will find a million excuses not to do something. Djerassi’s advice on this is to “run away” from procrastination and get things done as soon as possible. This will help one avoid the last-minute rush and the associated stress.
Managing perfectionism can be a difficult task, but with the right tools and advice, it is definitely possible! By following the tips above by Alexander Djerassi, working professionals can learn to manage their perfectionism in a way that allows them to live a more balanced life.