How You Can Improve Your Career Trajectory Even When Working Remotely

The world has shifted to remote work which is a perk for some and a nightmare for others. There are some people that have really struggled to stay motivated during this time. Some professionals need to be held accountable by managers while others thrive working remotely.

The elimination of unnecessary meetings is a huge aspect of why some people are more productive. The absence of chatty coworkers sitting beside you is a great reason for improved production numbers. You can really improve your career trajectory during this time as management will see you are self-motivated and hit every deadline. The following are tips to improve your career trajectory even when working remotely. 

Improve Month After Month 

Productivity wizards are usually at the top of the list for a promotion. You need to find different ways to improve your numbers consistently over time. You could utilize technology that helps automate one of the most tedious parts of your job. Looking into technology that is said to help with productivity is important. You could have a huge advantage over your coworkers by making your job easier. Track your improvements and present them when putting your name in for a promotion or asking for a raise. 

Stay Connected to Coworkers 

You should try to maintain rapport with coworkers and your direct manager. Instant messaging is a great way to do this but try to schedule a biweekly meeting with your manager. Even if the meeting seems like a waste of time, you need to ask where you can improve. This initiative will be noticed by managers that might never meet with your peers. 

Learn New Skills

You can spend the time that you would have spent commuting to learn new skills. You could learn another language by putting in an hour or two a day over the course of a year.

Being able to speak multiple languages gives you more opportunities with your current company or another company. Working abroad is a dream for a number of people but their lack of skills with the local language limits them. A web developer could learn another coding language that they can charge more hourly for. Employers love employees that make themselves more valuable rather than resting on the laurels during their time with the company. 

Not all jobs have the opportunity to work remotely which doesn’t mean you cannot improve your career trajectory during this time. A home renovation expert might learn how to do bathroom refinishing when they were flooring experts in the past.

There are a number of industries that are a bit slow due to a lack of expendable income and a fear of contracting COVID-19. Do not waste this time watching yet another TV series when you have the opportunity to make yourself more versatile as a professional. A person that does real estate could found a successful home flipping business through learning to do a number of renovations alone. 

You can improve your career while working from home especially if you have no trouble motivating yourself. Take the time to list out where you can improve and put a plan together to do so.