A Look at Offerings and Business From LifeWave

There has been an increasing interest of late in products that can help people optimize health and wellness without the side effects of many aspects of western medicine. Much of this interest has focused on diet and exercise, but there’s also been interest in more active treatments such as acupuncture and homeopathic medicine. One company that’s become known in this space is LifeWave, a distributor of health and wellness technology products intended to reduce pain, raise energy levels, improve sleep, and more. We’ve created an overview of the company to better inform readers on how the company operates and what it can offer them in their quest for better well-being.

Company Background

LifeWave was founded by CEO David Schmidt in 2004 to help people across the world realize greater wellness potential. At an early age, the founder was inspired by the example of Thomas Edison to pursue a professional life centered around thinking of ideas for inventions of products to help people. He conceived of the company’s first product – the Energy Enhancer Patch – to help people improve their energy levels without the need for stimulants or drugs of any kind.

This push toward achieving wellness effects without intervention by drugs has been a guiding principle of the company since it was created. The underlying philosophy behind this strategy is based on an understanding that many wellness practices have offered results to people for thousands of years before the advent of modern medicine. By tapping into the mechanisms that underlie these practices, the company has developed a wide-ranging product line. This drive, coupled with a firm basis in modern technological development, has allowed the company to patent a number of its methods and products for use by consumers. At present, the company’s CEO holds over 100 patents and patents pending globally, more than 70 of which are in the field of regenerative science and technology.

Product Line

The Energy Enhancer Patches that helped launch the company have been some of its most popular offerings over the years. The patch uses phototherapy to increase energy and endurance, both of which are clinically proven benefits of regular use. The phototherapy technology upon which the patch’s design is based is a method of using light to improve health. Another well-known example of phototherapy is low-level laser therapy, which is often used to help reduce skin wrinkles. The Energy Enhancer Patches are designed to reflect particular wavelengths of light into specific areas of the body, which, in turn, helps improve energy production in cells.

Another popular product from the company is its IceWave Patches. These patches are designed to reduce pain via application to the skin, again through the use of phototherapy. Patch applications are targeted to the source of discomfort, so if pain is felt in a particular body part, the patches can be applied directly to that area or near it in varying patterns (one tan and one white patch placed in varying positions around the pain). The patch’s design uses the principles of phototherapy to reflect wavelengths of light back to trigger points on the skin that are involved in pain management. When triggered by the reflected light, the trigger points signal a reduction in pain to the body’s pain receptors, helping to decrease pain in sensitive areas.

Work with Antioxidants

Another area of interest for the company is scientific work to combat free radicals circulating in the body’s systems. These unstable atoms can be created through oxidative processes in the body and have been linked to a number of negative outcomes, such as cancer. Free radicals have been shown to damage cells through electron stripping and can severely interfere with proper functionality in many different systems.

One way that the body combats damage from free radicals is by having an abundant supply of antioxidants in circulation. This helps to remove free radicals before they can have a harmful effect on health and wellness. One of the body’s most potent antioxidants is glutathione, which is the focus of the company’s Y-Age Glutathione Patches. These patches stimulate glutathione production through the use of phototherapy. This increases the amount of glutathione in the body and helps prevent free radicals from causing the negative health effects with which they have been associated.

Philanthropic Efforts and Awards

Throughout the existence of LifeWave, the company has strived to give back to its community through philanthropic and other efforts. One of the ways this has been manifested is through its work with veterans to help improve wellness outcomes. This work has taken place in many ways, but perhaps its most visible form has been through the direct donation of thousands of patches to various veterans groups throughout the country. These donations have been aimed at helping veterans improve pain management, quality of sleep, and overall well-being without the need for drugs, needles, chemicals, or other foreign objects entering the body.

For these and other efforts, the company has been the recipient of numerous awards in recognition of its philanthropic goals. One such award has come directly from the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH). The award was given to the company’s founder in recognition of its work to improve the quality of life for veterans. MOPH is a large-scale organization composed of approximately 45,000 veterans who’ve received the Purple Heart Medal for wounds they’ve suffered in combat. In addition to providing service to these veterans, the organization is also committed to supporting patriotism and fostering an environment of goodwill and camaraderie among veterans.

With the area of health and wellness being crowded by so many different companies and ideas, it’s helpful to profile some of the standouts operating in the field. With a number of different patents related to its technology and a firm commitment to furthering scientific research, LifeWave is a company that warrants an in-depth look. Its innovative line of products have helped people around the world optimize their wellness outcomes, a feat accomplished without the use of drugs or other invasive health protocols. In a modern era often dominated by a focus on western medicine, the strategies the company brings to its wellness work are refreshingly innovative.