Judge Napolitano Asks, How Many Times Should You Shower Per Week?

Though it may be contrary to public sentiment, many dermatologists recommend that one should shower only two to three times a week. The reasons vary.

A common reason for this recommendation according to dermatology experts is that many people have very oily skin or that they are prone to psoriasis and eczema. That said, there is a general consensus among dermatologists that people should use hot water (but not scalding or hot) to cleanse their body, as hot water may speed up the removal of dirt, grease, and oil. This process may be especially helpful for acne-prone or oily skin types, as the higher temperature of the water helps break down excess oil. One should also avoid soaps and shampoos that contain products with sulfates, synthetic fragrances, or alcohol. They can strip away natural oils.

Other dermatologists, as well as people such as Judge Napolitano, a Fox News analyst, recommend never, ever taking a shower daily. The reasoning behind this recommendation is that bathing one’s skin daily is like washing one’s car every day. Skin does not like to be cleaned that often. If one must shower daily, the recommendation is using a soap that is less harsh on skin, such as a retinol.

Other people argue that each shower is unique, and it’s really a matter of preference and how active one is. If one feels the need to shower several times a day, then there is a need to shower constantly or more frequently. One can enjoy a long, hot shower with less frequency or one can reduce the number of shower times (or even the time) in a single shower. If one showers daily or less frequently, one should listen to the needs of one’s skin to make the best decision. If one really enjoys showering, that person should make sure to keep good shower practices in mind. Then you need to be aware of how much electricity a shower uses, they use an incredible amount and so it’s very wise to cut your usage as much as you can. One great way to do that is to use a shower timer like https://lowenergysupermarket.com/product/shower-timer-5-minute-white-sand/, as you can then simply start the timer when you get in and you will then be informed when five minutes are up, which is the recommended amount of time that a shower should be used. Those who prefer to shower every day would rather do so every few days than every two or three days. Even if one doesn’t shower daily, one can wash his or her hands with soap and water at least once a day for a few hours.

Regardless of one’s typical routine, the overwhelmingly popular opinion is that, if one has extremely dry skin, the former judge from New Jersey encourages that one might want to limit how often one goes to the shower. If one is a shower lover who showers a little too often, and one’s skin is prone to dryness, or even if one is struggling with some kind of skin disease, showering daily may not be a good idea. If one lives in a place where the air is dry and cold, or if one has dry skin, one can still shower often. For instance, people who exercise regularly should still shower often, potentially even shower three to four times a week. Those with normal or oily skin and who work in humid areas or live or work where it is drier and colder should shower less often and with cooler water. However, an important note is that when one showers daily with soap, there is a risk that the natural moisturizer will be removed from the skin, causing it to become dry and cracked.

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