Nicolas Krafft

Why Summer is My Favorite Season

Summertime should be an endless adventure. The weather, the feeling, and the general tone of everyday should be the same, HOT! All the activities that summer can offer you almost make it feel impossible to fit it all in with such a short span of time. That’s the beauty of it though. Summer remains undefeated in its conquest to be the best season. Going to the beach with your friends, experiencing the lovely sights, the general vibe and the snacks of the boardwalk. There’s nothing left to the imagination when you’ve embraced the season. If you take Summer for what it is, you’ll never be disappointed. Fall in love time and time again, year after year, with the sunshine, the warmth, and the vibes of the summer.

Shalom Lamm comes to mind frequently when considering a great way to take on your summer. Honestly, what sounds better than tending to your garden? What sounds better than laying out in the sun and embracing your day in such a relaxing way. Imagine being able to soak up the sun in the same way your fresh garden does and being able to embrace that growth with flowers and food you’ve harvested yourself. It’s so inspiring. There has to be such a comfort to being able to eat something that you’ve grown and produced yourself. Plus, you can’t beat the enjoyment of laying out in the sun. It’s borderline meditative. A Lawn Care Company can build your dream garden for you. If anybody has the secret to summer perfected, it’s that gentleman.

If you need some extra help to create the garden of your dreams, you can learn more about Drake’s 7 Dees landscaping service. They can help you create a beautiful and thriving garden that you can enjoy for years to come. If you are busy, with no time to trim and prune away those overgrown branches, a tree service professional from Drouin Tree Services can take care of this for you and even shape that hedge for aesthetic appeal. Professionals have the tools necessary to prune even big tree branches. Click This Link for more info on tree services.

In the colder seasons of the year, you miss every second with the sun. By the time summer comes around, you enjoy the fact that the sun stays up for so long. Making up for lost time I suppose. You inadvertently get such great exercise throughout the summer without even noticing. That should be the selling point right there! The worst part about exercise is thinking about it. In the summer, it’s not even a second thought. Before you know it, you’ve done wonders for yourself. Not to mention all the healthy vitamins you soak up from the sun in the process. Make sure there’s always sunscreen on hand though, you don’t want to feel the sun’s wrath, that’s for sure.

Summertime should be about finding peace and happiness in your soul. However it’s achieved, it should never be overshadowed. You wish the sun never goes down. Even then though, the fun doesn’t end. The cool weather is almost a refreshing change that you can take on with relief and recharged energy. Have a fire with friends and roast marshmallows! All to get some of the best hard earned sleep you’ve ever gotten, knowing that you have the potential to wake up the next day just to enjoy it all again. Thank you for everything you do, Summer. You’re everybody’s favorite for every single reason. One can only hope that the summertime is the earth’s favorite season as well. It’s got quite the resume.