JD Singles Day

Liu Qiangdong’s JD.com Achieves Singles Day Success

For JD, recent sales have indicated new trends and record sales numbers within China. These changes provide intriguing insights into the emerging interests and priorities among Chinese shoppers. 

The impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic

The pandemic has forced countless shoppers to stay home and away from traditional daily tasks that take them away from home. People have spent more time within their personal space and with their family, which may have led to adjustments in their shopping patterns. 

The spread of COVID19 has also led many shoppers to pay closer attention to their health and the health of the space that they create in their homes. This interest has been reflected in changing purchase patterns within the market.

The Singles Day Promotion and JD

Preparing for sales day

Led by CEO Liu Qiangdong, JD used an omnichannel strategy to further engage their customers throughout the preparation for the event and the day of the sale. Working to create a consistent experience for customers both online and in-person helped to boost interest. The brand also offered home appliance experience stores, for customers to try new appliance options before making a purchase. This helped to increase interest and demand for many of the new appliances with intriguing new features.

The success of the event

From November 1st-11th, JD.com held its Singles Day promotion period, with a Grand Promotion held on November 6th, which was halfway through the promotion period. On the day of this Grand Promotion, they held special sales and promotions for appliances.

During this sale, the purchase numbers for home appliances hit record numbers. Interestingly, products that promote ‘healthy’ lifestyles also saw a 150 percent increase during the November 6th sale. These ‘healthy’ appliances focus on providing benefits and features that help customers clean out the appliance and sterilize the space. For example, degerming refrigerators use antibacterial technology to slow or prevent the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. Similarly, refrigerators that used careful temperature control to provide a longer lifespan for fresh food also saw a 300 percent increase in purchase rates compared to the same period last year.

Keeping the home clean

In addition to the technology that helped to promote clean and sterile environments within appliances, the products that also help to maintain the rest of the home saw an increase in popularity. Vacuums, including products that boasted both vacuuming and mopping capabilities and other high-end options, saw dramatic increases in sales numbers. 

Along the same lines, air purifiers that help to keep the air within the home clean saw significantly higher sales numbers than they saw in previous years.

Increase in smart capabilities

Technology that incorporated more smart capabilities, such as cleaning robots or voice-controlled devices were also up. The sales of smart devices particularly rose within the demographic of younger families. These technology-focused families bought whole-home systems as well as smart screens at significantly higher rates than they have in the past. 

A growing concerns for the environment

A larger portion of the consumer market has also been paying attention to the environmental impact of various purchases. They have been investing more in systems, such as air conditioners, that offer energy efficiency. In addition to making purchases that have a more ‘green’ outlook, consumers also have begun to recycle older small appliances to replace them with environmentally-friendly options with greater frequency.

The sale offered by JD has offered some useful insight into the interest and needs of customers throughout China. By shining a spotlight on the growing interest in cleanliness, health, and environmental safety, this sale not only posted record numbers but also increased insight into the ends of the buyers in this market.