My Favorite Things About Yale

Considered a luminary within higher learning circles in the USA, Yale University features in the same breath as Stanford, Harvard, and Princeton to mention just a few. It enjoys a top position in global report rankings owing to its cool environment that is ideal for individuals to live, work, and learn. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, this institution is known for its academic excellence and intellectual thoroughness. Alexander Djerassi identifies his favorite things regarding this university as follows.

Its proximity to New York City is a big plus to students. The city surroundings provide the best places where students and workers can unwind during breaks and weekends. Equally, New York City is highly resourced in terms of academic materials career development opportunities. It is easy to find perfect and convenient firms to intern with.

The university’s overall environment is calm. Its architectural masterpieces have a cosmetic and historical significance. In 2011, for instance, it was recognized by the renowned Town and Country Magazine as the most beautiful college in the entire US.

As an idyllic college for fine arts, Yale prides itself on some of the oldest Acapella and theater groups in the US. Dramatic Association and Whiffenpoofs are a few examples of such groups. They offer opportunities to freshmen every year to rigorously compete in at least 15 groups. Top contenders eventually get ‘Dramat’s’ special award for expertly-produced shows. Besides, Yale has outstanding graduate programs in Drama, Music, and Art. It also offers undergraduate programs in such areas as Symphony Orchestra and Dance Studies.

Yale’s residential colleges are known to offer a befitting social life through on-campus communities. The 12 residential colleges are modeled on what is termed as the microcosm of the Yale community. They are defined by an equal number of international students, athletes, men, and women. Each college has a separate head and a distinct architectural style. Some like Trumbull College have a pottery studio while Branford College has a modern printing press.

As students enjoy their times in New Haven’s low-key city life, they have a lot of friendly activities to engage in and rest their minds away from the class. Amongst the impressive and unique charms in New Haven include a treasured repertory theater, the annual Arts and Ideas Festival, and of course the famous Pizza between Pepe’s and Sally’s. In cases where a student falls ill and he/she misses a class, he/she can get an extension from the dean to submit his or her assignment later.

In the evenings after students’ classes, Yale offers the best life experiences for students to showcase their artistry talents. Dining Halls are literally converted into orchestras, band performance stages, or a stimulating acapella jam session. Students also can relish quiet poetry readings. Deans of respective residential colleges mingle with students as they advise them during these sessions. Each of Yale’s colleges boasts Master’s Teas in which prominent guests from academia, politics, visual/performing arts, business world, or journalism address the students.