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Importance of Volunteering

People need to give back to their community and find a cause that they are passionate about. To do this volunteering can be done. According to Father George Rutler, volunteering is a very important thing in life.

Make New Friends

This is a great way to meet new people and to interact with people from all different backgrounds. This will help develop bonds and people will get to know more about each other. In addition to helping others, they will be able to develop lasting relationships. People with shared values will come together and they will work for a specific cause. This will help those that are benefiting from the service and those performing the services to build social bonds.

Gain Knowledge

Volunteering will help a person gain an understanding of the community and a new way of life. They may not realize the struggle that some people are going through and their stories. Those in need may not have started in need. Something could have happened in their life and they have a story to tell. Learning about different people and cultures is a great way to gain knowledge while helping out.

Sense of Purpose

When someone volunteers, it will allow a person to have a sense of purpose in their life. When people help out others and work together for a cause they will feel good about themselves and the work they are doing. This will help a person increase their feeling of happiness. A sense of accomplishment can help a person increase their satisfaction in life. They will be able to use their skills and even increase their motivation.

Boost Self Esteem

Volunteering will allow a person to have an increase in self-esteem. They will learn some new skills and will be able to use these skills. A person can step out of their comfort zone but they can do so in a safe environment. This will give a person a sense of pride. They can also feel good that they are helping others and they are making a difference.

Health Benefits

Many health benefits come as a result of working as a volunteer. If a person is helping out these with medical conditions then there is an immediate benefit. For the volunteer, there are some health benefits too. Doing good and working for others will help decrease stress. This is good for overall health. A person will sleep better, they will not get sick as often, and they can even decrease their risk for heart disease. Some studies have found that older adults that participate in volunteer work live longer than those that do not. A person can also feel a sense of empowerment that they are working to make a change.

These are some benefits to volunteering and some important things that can result from this work. A person will be able to help out their community and they will be able to increase their feelings of accomplishment.