Natalie MacNeil Shares that Business Success Isn’t About a New Strategy Plan

If you want your business to grow,  you don’t necessarily need a new strategy, marketing tactic, or sales pitch.

Many people would think that their business model isn’t correct or they aren’t speaking to enough people.

However, what Natalie MacNeil has taught me is that it’s never about the marketing plan. It’s never about the strategy.

Now you might think, how in the world is that possible and why should I listen to her? 

Well if you don’t know about Natalie, you should. 

In short, Natalie is an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur, bestselling author of six books, and the founder of The Embodiment Coaching Institute, which provides professional training to the future leaders of the coaching and transformation industry. 

She’s been featured by Inc. as one of “27 women leaders changing the world” and listed on the Levo 100 as a “transformer of our generation,” Natalie is devoted to expanding human potential through her online programs, books, videos, interactive films, coaching experiences, and live events. 

She has been featured in Elle, Glamour, People, TIME, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and more. 

Did I mention this was just the shortlist? 

Natalie has extensive training in different modalities that she’s actually created the only ICF accredited multi-modality program of its kind which is called the Transformational Embodiment Coaching Certification. 

Diving Deeper Into the Root Issue

When an entrepreneur wants to grow their business, they immediately think that they need a new marketing plan, team strategy, or  sales tactic to help them reach their goals.

Natalie says it’s not about the strategy though. It’s not about what the entrepreneur is doing; it’s about how they’re being.

Strategy and doing needs to be born from a way of being that is in full alignment with a higher vision, values, and desired outcomes. Doing arises from being. Strategy is then rooted in something much deeper. That’s when she sees entrepreneurs transform their lives and businesses to create the success, and the fulfillment, they truly want.

Natalie has studied, meditation, coaching, NLP, emotional fredom technique, and more. The coaching methodology she created weaves all her learnings together to support people in living their most fulfilling, free, abundant, joyful lives.

Conditioned Patterns Shackles Us

95 to 99% of what we do moment to moment is a result of our conditioning, and the patterns programmed into us by those who raised us and society at large. Natalie loves asking people about who they may choose to be and how they may choose to see the world if they weren’t responding from their conditioning and programmed patterns, and it’s a question I now ask myself and you can ask yourself too.

In the last chapter of Natalie’s book, The Rituals, is “The Ultimate Ritual.”What’s the Ultimate Ritual? That you are the ritual. 

“You being here, having this human experience and expressing spirit in a way that is uniquely your own is a miracle to celebrate and honor everyday.” Natalie says.

She states that the rituals we practice are ways to honor our existence and experiences and the cycles that we move through.

She believes that we need to step out of the rigidity, that is the conditioning of the world that we live in and the society that we live in.

Natalie wants to live by what makes her feel alive  and fulfilled.  Living from that space has brought her more success than she imagined, and more than any business strategy would bring.

It was a journey for Natalie to get there but learning from her could get you there much faster.

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