Rhonda Swan Shares The 3 Rules In Creating An Unstoppable Personal Brand In The Digital Age

Today, branding has become a crucial factor in having a successful business. There is a ton of competition out there. Since the rise of social media, a significant number of new products are being sold online. Every day, people are bombarded with so many products to choose from. More than ever, branding has become a necessity for any business to rise above the competition.

Every entrepreneur is buying the attention of consumers online. It is tough to grab most people’s attention since they can easily be drowned with the large amount of information that they get from social media and the internet. Attention is a hot commodity right now. Building a strong brand is necessary to connect with the target audience.

Brand development expert Rhonda Swan said that now, everything that an entrepreneur does must be built around a brand. Swan is the founder of the PR and marketing company, The Unstoppable Branding Agency. Over the years, she has helped many CEOs, coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers, consultants, authors, and marketers to build their brands. So, when it comes to branding, Swan is the best person to consult with. She has vast experience in PR and marketing under her belt after working in a well-known pharmaceutical company and as a digital marketer for many years.

Importance Of Branding

Swan said that branding is the image or a feeling that a customer associates with a product or service. In other words, it means that branding is like a calling card of a brand. Is branding important for business in the digital age?

The answer is a resounding yes. A 2015 global survey revealed that branding plays a role in influencing the purchasing decision of consumers. It found out that nearly 60% of consumers will buy from brands they know. So, branding is crucial in making a sale in the digital age. Effective branding can raise the awareness of people on a product or a service.  

Another is that branding allows a business to connect with its target customers. “Great branding can help establish an emotional connection with consumers. Emotional connection is the main factor that builds brand loyalty,” Swan said.

Define Yourself

Swan said that the first step to build a brand is to know yourself. Why did you establish the business? Before anyone can create branding, it is essential to know who you are. “Find out why you are doing what you are doing. Before your target audience understands you, you must understand yourself first,” Swan explained.

Swan said that entrepreneurs must define what their core values, passion, and qualities are. “You can list your values, passion, and qualities. Which of these resonate with your target customers? Your target audience must be able to relate with your core values or qualities to establish a connection,” Swan added. 

Swan noted that it is also essential to identify a brand’s unique selling proposition. “How can your product or service improve the lives of your customers? You must determine what makes you distinct from the competition,” she continued.

Your Brand Story

What is your story? Swan said that it is essential for a brand to convey what truly matters to it. “Your story is the base of your brand. What is yours, why? It conveys what your business stands for,” Swan added. It shows the authenticity of a brand and establishes credibility. A brand story can also inspire customers.

People love stories. “Telling their story is one of the powerful tools used by businesses to grow. As they say, the story is something that can hold someone’s attention. Remember buying attention is crucial online. And a story offers you a tool to compel people to listen,” Swan noted.

Brand Messaging

Swan said that a sexy brand must have a messaging that resonates with its target audience. “Messaging talks about why a brand is useful to its customers. It also talks about what the brand believes in. It delivers the story of a brand that connects to its target audience’s emotion,” Swan explained.

It is significant to determine the voice of a brand. “How would you communicate with your target audience? You must define the voice that connects with your target audience so they will listen to your brand,” Swan said. She noted that brand messaging must be clear with the message that they want to say. It must emphasize its unique attributes. Another is that it must be consistent. There must be consistency in what a brand is trying to convey to its target audience across all platforms. The messaging on Facebook and Twitter or the website must have the same essence and voice.¬†¬†Just like how a shop front installation showcases a store’s identity to passersby, your brand’s voice should be a consistent and inviting presence across all channels, enticing your audience to engage with your message.

Final Thoughts

Swan remarked that social media has amplified the need for building a strong brand to grow a business online. “We, at The Unstoppable Branding Agency, can provide the complete brand solution package that has created thousands of unstoppable brands,” Swan added. Over the years, they have sold over $50 million worth of products and services online by transforming everyday brands into unstoppable brands.

If you want to create an unstoppable brand, Swan is ready to help you. Please visit their website at https://unstoppablebrandingagency.com or follow them on Instagram at @rhondaswan.