Samuel Leach’s “The Formula for Success” Ranks Among Generational Works

There’s little doubt that contemporary society has embraced the reality that wealth accumulation stands as a pillar to improved quality of life. However, most people recognize that money alone cannot provide mindful happiness. Those two realities aren’t mutually exclusive, so it’s important to gain knowledge about topics like psychology and financial principles to empower us to succeed. According to Samuel Leach, there are many inspirational books that can help people succeed in business and life, and as of this past year, he has published his own book to join the ranks of the most popular self-help books of the last century.  

“Reminiscences of a Stock Operator”

Edwin Lefevre’s first-person classic has been a mainstay in financial circles since it was published in 1923. Loosely based on the inspirational life of stock trader Jesse Livermore, the work has garnered praise from renowned financial minds such as Alan Greenspan, among others. Greenspan calls the work a “font of wisdom,” and its compelling narrative is the source of such adages as: “Bulls and bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered.”

The work lays out a fictionalized landscape of people, places, and historical events that Livermore experienced and delves into his emergence as a formidable trader. In that respect, psychological development and school-of-hard-knocks lessons are crucial experiences that readers can apply to current markets. In 2009, “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator” was published in an annotated hardcover form, and that version curbs much of the speculation between fact and fiction. Contemporary traders may want to consider that this work’s popularity has endured for nearly a century, and the lessons inside its pages remain invaluable.

“Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline, and a Winning Attitude”

Mark Douglas emerged as something of a trading guru due to his mindful and philosophical writings about the profession. Until passing away in 2015, Douglas mentored upstarts by teaching them the “trader’s mindset.” His award-winning works include “The Disciplined Trader” and “Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline, and a Winning Attitude.” The latter sheds many of the misconceptions that traders often learn through missteps and setbacks. “Trading in the Zone” also addresses key mindfulness issues such as inconsistency and poor habits and allows readers to embrace the reality that every financial move comes with risk. By understanding that reasonable and managed risk remains part of the trader’s job, Douglas introduces the idea that outcomes are purely random.

“The Chimp Paradox: The Acclaimed Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence, and Happiness”

Undoubtedly, the greatest advantage that finance professionals bring to the table is a determined mindset. Psychiatrist Steve Peters highlights the ways that impulsive acts and grating self-doubt negatively affect our professional and personal lives. Peters explores mind-management in a way that delivers a path toward overcoming perceived adversity, conquering fears, and securing confident control over your life and endeavors. What’s particularly unique about Peters’ approach is that he conflates inspiration with proven science and reliable principles. It’s much more than a pep talk; it’s an actionable program that can improve your life.

“How to Win Friends and Influence People”  

Dale Carnegie’s self-help book has remained a popular read to the tune of 15 million copies sold since 1936. Despite its age, the work earned top-20 placement on Time Magazine’s recent list of the 100 most influential books.

The work grew from Carnegie’s approach to teaching business classes in New York and shifted to the human side of wealth accumulation. Although he could never have imagined the advent of today’s electronic communication, we can apply the precepts to our current social media frontier. Contemporary “influencers” would do well to hone their digital skills utilizing Carnegie’s chapters, such as “Twelve Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking.” It’s a game-changer for professional and social success.

“The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness”

Author Dave Ramsey earned a reputation as a finance legend beginning with his definitive work “Financial Peace.” But “The Total Money Makeover” in 2007 tapped into the popular culture trend of house-flipping and other wealth transformation strategies. In this work, Ramsey shares the stories of everyday people who successfully paid down thousands in debilitating debt and improved their financial quality of life. Ramsey breaks with the pop culture fascination of get-rich-quick schemes by articulating common-sense methods and fiscally responsible strategies for money management.

“The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy”

Authors Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko brilliantly dispel many of the myths about millionaires that often hamstring financial climbers. The notion that wealthy people jet-set around the globe flying luxury private planes, driving expensive cars, or flashing bling is precisely the opposite way to increase and maintain wealth. “The Millionaire Next Door” highlights the fact that people with more than $1 million of net worth often live in moderate middle-class areas and are far more focused on saving than showing off their status. The research compiled in the work covers issues such as spending less than you earn and developing generational wealth.

“The Formula for Success: How to Win at Life Using Your Own Personal Algorithm”

The founder and CEO of Samuel and Co. Trading has been nothing short of a juggernaut in financial circles. Samuel Leach began trading at the tender age of 18 while enrolled in college and turned a 2K account into 170K, launched his own cryptocurrency called YieldCoin, powered up the financial education social media platform YieldOwl, and achieved Ted Talk status while still under 30 years old. These days, Leach ranks among the most respected financial minds, delivering webinars and keynote speeches, and has mentored more than 2,000 people across 90 countries. The international economic mover and shaker shares insightful secrets to his life’s work in “The Formula for Success.”  

In his book, Leach boils the conversation down in language that we can all easily understand. By recognizing the ubiquitous patterns and algorithms running through the financial sector, as well as our personal interactions, we can all learn to understand the critical drivers. Once we map out the patterns and behaviors associated with success, each individual can hone their unique skill set and growth potential.

In many ways, Leach brings together pertinent concepts that have been put forth by life and finance masters for nearly a century. He brings psychological, philosophical, and financial principles into the present-day culture. In this respect, Leach and his “Formula for Success” deliver generational knowledge.

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